The Importance of Researching


They say that knowledge is power.  Who said that and what does that actually mean?  To me, knowledge is the difference between slowly hurting in ignorance and learning about the blessings that the Universe has in store.  When we realize there is more information available, we can then make a more educated decision about where to go from where we are.  You wouldn’t set out in your car to travel across the country without your GPS or a map handy, so why travel through life with your blinders on?

When you consciously take time to learn about the real things of this reality, it sends a message to the Unseen Forces: I’m ready.  Ways that we can honor this declaration is through spiritual practice: meditation, yoga, reiki…  Other ways we can learn about this physical life is to study nutrition, posture, and ways to honor our inner child. It seems to me that humans are caring a whole awful lot about the things they worked to attain, but give no care to what they got for free: their minds, bodies, imaginations, hopes and dreams.  Where would we be as a human race without these, according to society, “insignificant” attributes?  Well, we wouldn’t be human at all would we?

researchSo now that we’ve called attention to parts of ourselves that we may have severely neglected, what now?  How does one nurture one’s physical form?  In what ways may the human mind not only be stimulated, but also grow and mature?  This is why we do our research!  Examining our diets is a great place to start. Discovering which foods will inhibit your natural progression through life and then eliminating them from your diet is crucial.  Perhaps even more so than that, discovering which foods will make your development SOAR will make eliminations easier.  For example…  You have a glass full of water and would like to add more to it.  Well, in order to do that, you must remove some of the liquid before any more is added.  The full glass is you, you have to empty yourself out: stop doing things you don’t want so that you have more room to be able to do the things you truly do want.  Knowing you’re making room for something better will motivate you to let those old habits go.


But all of this removal and adding can only happen when YOU consciously choose to do your own research.  Do not rely exclusively upon the opinions of others.  Who knows your body better than YOU?  Try little experiments on yourself and see how you feel.  Maybe abstain from dairy for a week and see how that feels?  Start doing yoga with the sun every morning for a week and feel the benefits within your own skin. (Simple Sun Salutation instructions w/ video here) Yoga can help you to stretch your muscles and align your body which allows for all of your internal organs to function properly because you aren’t crushing them.  Think about it this way… you are combining the information you learned with the experience of actively changing.  This will propel you.  This will help you to feel more fulfilled.  This can start you on your path.newpath

So when does one find time for all of this research?  Well, you make time.  Instead of checking that social networking site, do a quick google search on a subject that interests you.  Maybe you want to find out a great protein substitute, **coughs** black beans, who knows?  Trust me, the people on the social networking sites will still all have their things when you get back to them.  And when you do get back to them, you have wonderful new information to share!  #YAY

So yea, knowledge is power and things…  Learn about yourself, your True Self.  Don’t be afraid to ask others, we are all in this together.  We have 7 billion different experiences among the humans, surely we have some pretty good ideas that can be explored and shared.  And then remember to not only stop there… conduct your own experiments.  See what works best for you and then do that.  Best wishes to you in your journey!


Kisses, kittens.  I love you.


❤ Bradley

The Aftermath

Phew! That Capricorn Full Moon was intense!

A few months back, when Mars Rx entered Scorpio through the “back door” I likened it to entering a cave where you must journey into the dark, face your demons and slay them before re-emerging from the cave.

Fight Off Your Demons by lieveaurelio

What I didn’t know then, but know now, is this:

Sometimes you face the demons and the fight isn’t over yet. Sometimes you think he’s dead behind you and you get a knife in the back as you are moving forward; sometimes smaller demons are clinging to the cave walls and you must face these foe before the cave is finished with you.

The Full Moon in Capricorn illuminated a spot on the path before us, “this right here, is where you could be, it’s what you should be moving toward one. step. at. a. time.

lights at the end of the tunnel
by Sarah mum of 3

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, guiding us with a swift kick in the ass to lay down our suffering.

If the Capricorn Full Moon was a time of releasing, however painful it may have been, take comfort in knowing you are on the right path.

If this Capricorn Full Moon brought in energy that caused you pain, suffering, frustration or anger then know that there is something you are holding onto that the Universe is not so gently demanding you let go of. Now.

I suggest if you are still holding on to let go. No more fucking around. The next Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse.


Love and Light 💕



Full Moon in Capricorn

mooncapThe full moon is once again upon us, in all her brilliance. Here we have another opportunity to reach that place of luminescence. To shine a light upon what (and how) we’re manifesting and to take the chance to redirect ourselves, if needed. This month’s full moon is in the sign of Capricorn. This sign is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting down in it. Capricorn is known as the workhorse of the Zodiac. Heaven help the one who gets in the way of a Cappy’s ambition – these seagoats have some major drive. At this time you may feel a pressing need to finish up any projects that have been lingering around, incomplete. There may also be some conflicts as this sign can be, well, a liiittle bossy! 😉 With all this pressing energy competing with the Sun, which is still hanging out in the sign of home-body Cancer, I was very curious about what kind of message we would get from The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit deck. It ended up being as close to a goat as you can get in this deck. We got some horns:




Heightened awareness & ability [Capricorn],
Vulnerable [Cancer]

The Gazelle represents supreme grace with every move, this awe-inspiring beauty emits sophistication and elegance. Gazelle personalities are often hyper-aware of their surroundings (bordering on hyper-vigilant), which can inhibit them from enjoying the beauty they’ve spent so much effort cultivating. No more worrying about all those predators out there in the wild, when this card appears it’s time to get back to the present moment. Sit down, find your breath, and acknowledge the bounty that surrounds you. Let it nourish your gentle spirit.

When in balance: graceful, perceptive, artistic

When out of balance: food allergies, insomnia, racing mind

To bring into balance: yin yoga, a cozy home, good food

This card perfectly encapsulates the Capricorn-Cancer axis that is being activated by this full moon. Capricorn wants to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW. Cancer is ok with a cozy blanket and a good book at home. We can, however,  get trapped in either side of this polarity. Too much force and we burn out, not enough drive and we end up going nowhere. This is a reminder to us to gauge which one of these energies we need more of, and what we may need to tone down. Do we need more drive and ambition or do we need to slow down and enjoy the simple comforts of life? It may also have us feeling extra emotional about our accomplishments, or lack thereof. This is a great time to push past any blockages that are impeding our growth.

When the full moon is in a sign, we tend to take on more characteristics of that sign. This can be a great thing if we are able to be mindful of our use of these energies. The message here is one of moderation. Yes, we need to get things done, but we also need to rest and care for ourselves. Now is a time to be very cautious not to bite off more than we can chew. Some great questions to ask while the moon is in Capricorn: How can I be a leader while still being self-aware and mindful of those around me? Where am I over-exerting myself? Where could I use more drive?  What projects can I begin or complete without burning myself out?

Since this is an Earthy sign, grounding and meditation will be so very helpful during the moon’s stay in Capricorn. Really go deep to discover exactly what you need. And it doesn’t hurt to pray. ❤

( )

P.S. Read more about Full Moon Ritual HERE!



~ Druyan


Full Moon Rituals


We have a lot of folklore about full moons.  Second only to counting our solar months, we probably put the most astrological attention on full moons.  We anecdotally note or wonder if there are more babies born and more people going to the hospital, and certainly mention when our emotions are heightened at this phase of the moon.  For centuries, the moon phases have also been marked by ritual, whether simple or elaborate, solitary or in groups, following a few age old ritual formats.

You can look up “full moon ritual” and find a dozen suggestions with common themes, usually involving creating sacred space, calling upon the four directions, the four elements, casting a circle, raising energy, honoring the fullness of the month, and closing the circle and thanking source, and enjoying refreshments appropriate for the season.

The full moon is a time of fruition, manifestation, closure, releasing and looking forward to the next new moon, followed by the next one that is full, and so on…


Galaxies of Rainbows!


Upcoming Full Moon in July will be on July 19th and will be at 27 degrees Capricorn.

July Lunations


The Full Moon in August will be on Aug. 18th, at 25 degrees Aquarius and will also be a Lunar Eclipse.
August Lunations

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past posts at the Full Moon




Star Spangled Sirius


Some of the contributors to SMG met yesterday on zoom chat to discuss the New Moon and astrology.  By a series of turns in the conversation, and knowing already that the New Moon was conjunct the star Sirius (related to starseeds and fixed stars), we discovered some esoteric meaning also connecting Egypt to America’s celebration of it’s birthday.

Jul 4th, 2016: New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, 7:00 AM conjunct Sirius in Canis Major (14 Cancer 05)!


Every year our sun conjoins the star Sirius, at 13.5 degrees Cancer, during the first week in July; that is, as seen from the earth, the sun lies in front of Sirius which lies at the same celestial longitude as the astrological sign of Cancer in the sky. Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have.

Sirius, as the astronomical foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system, as well as many other ancient empires, carries profound metaphysical and esoteric meaning. If there exists an actual guiding intelligence to Earth’s evolution, it most certainly can be associated with Sirius. And the United States, with its Sun conjunct Sirius, represents, therefore, the clearest channel for this extra-human agency to manifest its will, whatever that may be. For those who might assume that supernatural guidance is America’s fate, it might be wise to recall that all empires have had an expiration date.

If Sirius is conjunct any of your natal planets (tight orb of 2 degrees), read about that at these two sites:

Are you a Sirian Starseed?


Galaxies of Rainbows! Jane

New Moon in Cancer ~ 7/4/16

newmooncancerAhhh, the New Moon. It’s a great time for clearing the proverbial slate, seeing exactly where we are and re-evaluating where we’re headed. It is a time for feeling out the choices before us. A time of ritual. The words we speak in the dark have a way of reaching places we can’t otherwise access. This darkness incubates our deepest desires which is why it’s so very important to align what we say we want with what lies in the core of our being. What is our Truth? With so much emotion being amplified by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in moody Cancer, things can feel overwhelming, unclear. It felt like a good time to turn to Tarot for a little guidance and clarity. The Sacred Rose Tarot has such a gentle spirit that it felt like the best choice for this moment…




Seeing the word Judgement can make one think this is a harsh card, yet this one is anything but:

Wonderful things are starting to happen now. Forge ahead and see what the future holds – face life realistically. Trust and believe that the new vibrations will let you see exactly what you’d like to be. Take a good look at your life and you will be gifted with the vision to see ahead. You are being blessed with cosmic energies that will give you the guidance you need – be willing now to direct yourself – make all the changes you desire. You have achieved worthy goals, attained inner development and you are entering a time of serenity and happiness – a time of new beginnings.

Truth will always destroy anything false. The liberating effect of life-giving beliefs will result in new patterns that will change your behavior. Beliefs emerge from the dream state as bursts of revelation – reconciling divergent ideas and bridging the gaps between your beliefs. You experience your emotions – triumphing over psychological chaos as you break through into new dimensions of awareness that are now conscious. From the source of your being you are regenerated and reborn as you recognize the true freedom that comes from the realization that you shape your own reality.


See? Rather than being a judgemental card, it is one of discernment. What is working in our lives and what isn’t? Do we have to keep doing things the same way we’ve been doing them? No. The theme that keeps coming back over and over lately is one of choices. WE HAVE CHOICES! I can’t say it loud enough. This card can indicate that you have made wonderful choices or that you may need to look at the ones you’re making. It’s up to us to see ourselves clearly. When we do, there is always a chance for a fresh start. So fitting for the New Moon.

This is also a card of emotional consciousness. Awareness. Getting on our own team and deciding to make the changes that will ultimately serve us (and those that have to deal with us) better in the long run. There may be many feelings brought up by this New Moon, and some of them can be very uncomfortable. It may be exhilarating to have an emotional outburst. But what about the fallout? How about trying to explain your emotions rather than acting them out? One really great way to start shifting the way you emote is through something called Emotional Release Technique, which you can learn more about here. To help get intense emotions under control, also try to “find a reason to feel good now”:

There is also a very tender aspect to all this Cancer energy. There is a beautiful vulnerability under that hard shell. This is a powerful time where deep, lasting transformation can occur if we open up a bit. This is where we can access our deepest inner Truth and really start to live it. The moon & stars are on our side. ❤




World UFO Day

*Mt Adams just wasn’t visible from where I was parked

I spent World UFO Day at the ECETI ranch!  So it’s an amazing annual conference on this ranch where you can also come just to camp and sky watch.  I will post another update after my day today.  So I stumbled onto the topic of ET stuff through the concept of starseeds and fixed stars astrology (and ascension).  When I first got to the conference, I was a little worried about conspiracy theory potential (which there has been some, but not too much), but was way encouraged by the focus on spirituality and multi-dimensionality.

Yesterday a crop circle expert at book table asked to see my tattoos and was codownloadnfused and then suggested I almost look conservative. LOL can’t help my Swiss genetics! And I came straight from work on Friday, whereas most people had already been there a day camping. Not that I was wearing a jacket or anything.
Someone had the book, Initiation, next to them (the red edition) so of course I talked to them, about Past Life Regression! wahoo.

Overall – interesting mix of genius and compassion (with some conspiracy theory dubious schtuff).

Mount Adams, near Trout Lake, WA
waiting for Sky Watch!
on the back of the ECETI biz card



Galaxies of Rainbows!

~Kelly’s Easy Astro~ 7/2/16

easy astro


With the Moon in Gemini today we may feel pushed and pulled in two different directions. Talk things out. Make sure you pick the path YOU want to travel, the path of LOVE.
This weekend being a holiday can get very busy and stressed. We may feel like we can’t keep up or our self confidence may be low. Try to relax and enjoy even though energies of overdoing it are strong. Ask for help if you need it and think of all the things that can go right instead of worrying about what could go wrong!

Today and Sunday the planets want us to be introspective and work on ourselves, so some solitude is much needed but some of us will be forced to be in the center of the crowd (espesh if like me, you live near the ocean and everyone and their mother comes “down the shore” for this crazy weekend of partying). I will remember to be grateful for all I have and thank the Universe for getting me out of my Virgo hermit shell and into the social scene, I can retreat back to it later!

The energies will be, how should I say this, bi polar today. LOL! The morning and afternoon will feel crazed and rushed and the evening should feel much more relaxed. So try to be open to unexpected changes and go with the flow as much as possible – espesh with this Void of Course Moon tonight.

Crystal of the Day:

Amber for connection to Mother Earth,
psychic protection and the healing of physical pain.

Essential Oil of the Day:

Sandalwood to stay grounded.

Color of the Day:

Blue for the ocean, the sky and feelings of calm,
and speaking your own truth with that Gemini Moon.

Quote of the Day:

Mahatma Gandhi - 81 x 100 cmTogether we can face any challenges
as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.
~ Gandhi

Always with Love, Kelly