Full Moon Rituals


We have a lot of folklore about full moons.  Second only to counting our solar months, we probably put the most astrological attention on full moons.  We anecdotally note or wonder if there are more babies born and more people going to the hospital, and certainly mention when our emotions are heightened at this phase of the moon.  For centuries, the moon phases have also been marked by ritual, whether simple or elaborate, solitary or in groups, following a few age old ritual formats.

You can look up “full moon ritual” and find a dozen suggestions with common themes, usually involving creating sacred space, calling upon the four directions, the four elements, casting a circle, raising energy, honoring the fullness of the month, and closing the circle and thanking source, and enjoying refreshments appropriate for the season.

The full moon is a time of fruition, manifestation, closure, releasing and looking forward to the next new moon, followed by the next one that is full, and so on…


Galaxies of Rainbows!


Upcoming Full Moon in July will be on July 19th and will be at 27 degrees Capricorn.

July Lunations


The Full Moon in August will be on Aug. 18th, at 25 degrees Aquarius and will also be a Lunar Eclipse.
August Lunations

– See more at: http://astrologicalcounsel.blogspot.com/2015/12/lunations.html#sthash.cnarBIGG.dpuf

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