Libra New Moon





Birthdays – September 30 – October 2
Key Word – GuardianshipCrystal – Fire Agate
Attributes – Fire agate will increase your initiative and commitment to tasks. This stone brings cheerfulness and contentment to the wearer. It promotes vigour, positive thinking; and an understanding of your life experiences. Physically this stone helps constipation, intestines, flatulence, diarrhoea and chronic inflammation.
Message – Find security and comfort inside.
Focus – You sustain a constant energy flow in your life to fulfil your needs; your aura glows.
Affirmation – My home is where my heart is.

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I have started making crystal grids for the lunations.  I have the fire agate for 8 Libra. Then I added a fire opal for Jupiter at 4 Libra, and an Elestial quartz for Mercury at 20 Virgo, (I don’t have any marcasite for the node at 12 Virgo). I have green hiddenite for Uranus at 23 Aries.  I added my platinum wedding ring for Chiron at 22 Pisces and yellow jasper for Uranus at 9 Pisces. Pluto at 14 Capricorn is granite, but I substituted.  Mars at 2 Capricorn is serpentine, but I substituted, and Saturn at 11 Sagittarius is alabaster, but I substituted . I placed smokey quartz where Venus is at 9 Scorpio, replacing the crystal magnesite.  Substitutions made because I don’t have some of the crystals.

I also have a large black moonstone to represent the new moon in general.


09 30 16.jpg

New Moon rituals


New Moon Rituals


“There are so many ways we can utilize the energy of this New Moon, there is no right or wrong when it comes to ritual. All that is called for is that you believe. Here are some suggestions to help enhance this powerful time…..

Dark Moon Releasing Ritual: I love to do an old fashioned burning when the moon is not quite new (Dark Moon). The most appealing part of ritual for me is it’s aesthetic quality, so I make sure that whatever I do feels beautiful. Use a nice piece of fabric or a scarf laid out, placing whatever items feel special to you. I like to set out intuitively chosen crystals, along with candles, incense or diffused essential oils (some oils associated with Virgo are Caraway, Clary Sage, Cypress, Dill, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Honeysuckle, & Patchouli). Have a nice ceramic or other fire-safe bowl ready along with pen & paper, matches or a lighter and some water for fire-safety. Sit quietly for a few moments, settling the mind, breathing deeply and relaxing the body. When you feel ready, ask yourself what it is in your life that is acting as a block or preventing you from moving forward…. fear, worry, anxiety (remember we are only dealing with ourselves here, so as tempting as it may be to write the name of your ex or your boss, that is a big no-no!) whatever words come to your mind, write them on the paper. Fold the paper, hold it for a few moments putting your intention to release the grip these words have on your well-being. When the time feels right, carefully light the paper in your bowl, watching as the fire sends your intentions out to the Universe! When you are done, thank the Universe, God/dess, Source, Your Higher Self etc… for helping you in this moment, then scatter the ashes into the earth. As an addition you can also use a smudge stick after to close out the ritual and purify your space.

druyanritualBy: Druyan

Casting a Circle: I wanted to share my thoughts on circle casting. Such a unique part of the craft, it is one of my favorite parts of ritual and I even find myself casting a circle for simple tarot readings at times! The power of the elements surrounding you, the charge of the shield you create, and knowing that you have transcended to the world between worlds is a pretty cool feeling!

One of the oldest magical activities is circle casting! If you are new to witchcraft, this is one of the first skills you should practice, it is the basis for all magical rituals (usually. However some Wiccans practice without circles -you can essentially perform magick anywhere, but circle casting is generally done at the beginning of any magical ceremony)….

Full Ritual here:

circle2By: Jade Wolfwriter /

Ritual Bath: Ideas for magickal ritual bath tea: Epsom salt, Sea salt, Sage, Mint, Lavender, Oatmeal, Flower petals (make sure they aren’t flowers that trigger allergies), and Essential oils (I really like lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and mint for a fresh and relaxing bath experience).


Most of these ingredients float right on top of the water (oatmeal sinks), adding a magickal element of beauty – along with heavenly scents and textures. And of course, the spirit of the ingredients of choice!
While in the bath, you can meditate, chant or do a guided meditation, whatever suits your needs.
It’s easy to clean up, simply scoop the solid ingredients off the top of the water with a cup or some kind of screen.

ritualbathBy: Flyfree Lexi /

And last but certainly not least, an abundance ritual featuring the ever-popular Abundance Check by Crystal Guidance…. this should be done after the moon is new.

Prosperity Ritual:


Now, one of the most important thing about the abundance ritual is to keep what you’re asking for in perspective…. keep it in alignment with need, not greed!😉

ProsperityBy: Jen /

With this one, you can also try getting creative by not limiting what the Universe can provide to money… play around with whatever you need to come into your life and watch the Universe respond!

New Moon Blessings from all of us at SacredMoonGrove….❤



Full Moon in Capricorn

mooncapThe full moon is once again upon us, in all her brilliance. Here we have another opportunity to reach that place of luminescence. To shine a light upon what (and how) we’re manifesting and to take the chance to redirect ourselves, if needed. This month’s full moon is in the sign of Capricorn. This sign is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting down in it. Capricorn is known as the workhorse of the Zodiac. Heaven help the one who gets in the way of a Cappy’s ambition – these seagoats have some major drive. At this time you may feel a pressing need to finish up any projects that have been lingering around, incomplete. There may also be some conflicts as this sign can be, well, a liiittle bossy! 😉 With all this pressing energy competing with the Sun, which is still hanging out in the sign of home-body Cancer, I was very curious about what kind of message we would get from The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit deck. It ended up being as close to a goat as you can get in this deck. We got some horns:




Heightened awareness & ability [Capricorn],
Vulnerable [Cancer]

The Gazelle represents supreme grace with every move, this awe-inspiring beauty emits sophistication and elegance. Gazelle personalities are often hyper-aware of their surroundings (bordering on hyper-vigilant), which can inhibit them from enjoying the beauty they’ve spent so much effort cultivating. No more worrying about all those predators out there in the wild, when this card appears it’s time to get back to the present moment. Sit down, find your breath, and acknowledge the bounty that surrounds you. Let it nourish your gentle spirit.

When in balance: graceful, perceptive, artistic

When out of balance: food allergies, insomnia, racing mind

To bring into balance: yin yoga, a cozy home, good food

This card perfectly encapsulates the Capricorn-Cancer axis that is being activated by this full moon. Capricorn wants to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW. Cancer is ok with a cozy blanket and a good book at home. We can, however,  get trapped in either side of this polarity. Too much force and we burn out, not enough drive and we end up going nowhere. This is a reminder to us to gauge which one of these energies we need more of, and what we may need to tone down. Do we need more drive and ambition or do we need to slow down and enjoy the simple comforts of life? It may also have us feeling extra emotional about our accomplishments, or lack thereof. This is a great time to push past any blockages that are impeding our growth.

When the full moon is in a sign, we tend to take on more characteristics of that sign. This can be a great thing if we are able to be mindful of our use of these energies. The message here is one of moderation. Yes, we need to get things done, but we also need to rest and care for ourselves. Now is a time to be very cautious not to bite off more than we can chew. Some great questions to ask while the moon is in Capricorn: How can I be a leader while still being self-aware and mindful of those around me? Where am I over-exerting myself? Where could I use more drive?  What projects can I begin or complete without burning myself out?

Since this is an Earthy sign, grounding and meditation will be so very helpful during the moon’s stay in Capricorn. Really go deep to discover exactly what you need. And it doesn’t hurt to pray. ❤

( )

P.S. Read more about Full Moon Ritual HERE!



~ Druyan


Star Spangled Sirius


Some of the contributors to SMG met yesterday on zoom chat to discuss the New Moon and astrology.  By a series of turns in the conversation, and knowing already that the New Moon was conjunct the star Sirius (related to starseeds and fixed stars), we discovered some esoteric meaning also connecting Egypt to America’s celebration of it’s birthday.

Jul 4th, 2016: New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, 7:00 AM conjunct Sirius in Canis Major (14 Cancer 05)!


Every year our sun conjoins the star Sirius, at 13.5 degrees Cancer, during the first week in July; that is, as seen from the earth, the sun lies in front of Sirius which lies at the same celestial longitude as the astrological sign of Cancer in the sky. Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have.

Sirius, as the astronomical foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system, as well as many other ancient empires, carries profound metaphysical and esoteric meaning. If there exists an actual guiding intelligence to Earth’s evolution, it most certainly can be associated with Sirius. And the United States, with its Sun conjunct Sirius, represents, therefore, the clearest channel for this extra-human agency to manifest its will, whatever that may be. For those who might assume that supernatural guidance is America’s fate, it might be wise to recall that all empires have had an expiration date.

If Sirius is conjunct any of your natal planets (tight orb of 2 degrees), read about that at these two sites:

Are you a Sirian Starseed?


Galaxies of Rainbows! Jane

New Moon in Cancer ~ 7/4/16

newmooncancerAhhh, the New Moon. It’s a great time for clearing the proverbial slate, seeing exactly where we are and re-evaluating where we’re headed. It is a time for feeling out the choices before us. A time of ritual. The words we speak in the dark have a way of reaching places we can’t otherwise access. This darkness incubates our deepest desires which is why it’s so very important to align what we say we want with what lies in the core of our being. What is our Truth? With so much emotion being amplified by the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in moody Cancer, things can feel overwhelming, unclear. It felt like a good time to turn to Tarot for a little guidance and clarity. The Sacred Rose Tarot has such a gentle spirit that it felt like the best choice for this moment…




Seeing the word Judgement can make one think this is a harsh card, yet this one is anything but:

Wonderful things are starting to happen now. Forge ahead and see what the future holds – face life realistically. Trust and believe that the new vibrations will let you see exactly what you’d like to be. Take a good look at your life and you will be gifted with the vision to see ahead. You are being blessed with cosmic energies that will give you the guidance you need – be willing now to direct yourself – make all the changes you desire. You have achieved worthy goals, attained inner development and you are entering a time of serenity and happiness – a time of new beginnings.

Truth will always destroy anything false. The liberating effect of life-giving beliefs will result in new patterns that will change your behavior. Beliefs emerge from the dream state as bursts of revelation – reconciling divergent ideas and bridging the gaps between your beliefs. You experience your emotions – triumphing over psychological chaos as you break through into new dimensions of awareness that are now conscious. From the source of your being you are regenerated and reborn as you recognize the true freedom that comes from the realization that you shape your own reality.


See? Rather than being a judgemental card, it is one of discernment. What is working in our lives and what isn’t? Do we have to keep doing things the same way we’ve been doing them? No. The theme that keeps coming back over and over lately is one of choices. WE HAVE CHOICES! I can’t say it loud enough. This card can indicate that you have made wonderful choices or that you may need to look at the ones you’re making. It’s up to us to see ourselves clearly. When we do, there is always a chance for a fresh start. So fitting for the New Moon.

This is also a card of emotional consciousness. Awareness. Getting on our own team and deciding to make the changes that will ultimately serve us (and those that have to deal with us) better in the long run. There may be many feelings brought up by this New Moon, and some of them can be very uncomfortable. It may be exhilarating to have an emotional outburst. But what about the fallout? How about trying to explain your emotions rather than acting them out? One really great way to start shifting the way you emote is through something called Emotional Release Technique, which you can learn more about here. To help get intense emotions under control, also try to “find a reason to feel good now”:

There is also a very tender aspect to all this Cancer energy. There is a beautiful vulnerability under that hard shell. This is a powerful time where deep, lasting transformation can occur if we open up a bit. This is where we can access our deepest inner Truth and really start to live it. The moon & stars are on our side. ❤




Summer Solstice ~ Love and Mercy

It’s been so long since I’ve shared anything with you, but today’s fiery energy feels like a literal kick in the pants! Today is extra special for many reasons…. it’s the Summer Solstice with a  Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on the last day the Sun is in Gemini! It feels quite auspicious to me, how about you? This morning I felt a more workable energy than I have in quite some time so I set up a Summer Solstice altar in my backyard and sat in contemplation of the energies that surround this holiday. It was time to pull a card for us and the very first card I’ve ever pulled from my vintage Hermetic Tarot did not disappoint! The card quite literally flew out of the deck. All I could do was laugh because in hindsight, there couldn’t have been any other card for today. The Lord of the Root of the Powers of Fire. Yes. Yes, please.



Lord of the Root of the Powers of Fire. Kether appears in Hebrew within the symbol of fire on the upper right. An angelic hand issues from the clouds grasping a flaming heavy club. The whole is a great flaming torch. Force. Strength. Rush. Vigor. Energy. Gain. ~ Hermetic Tarot Deck Booklet


A bit of information about the meaning of the Hebrew symbol Kether:

The sphere of Kether lies on the other side of the Abyss and thus is free from many of the adverse human manifestations. It can be looked at as being the ideal human society or form. Many writings portray this sphere as a divine, holy place that is indescribable, filled with angels and energy beings of light and love. This description is somewhat true, but Kether is a human place too filled with human forms. The angels and beings that are present here are from the realms beyond Kether. They interpenetrate the sphere to raise and teach the human spirit. They work directly with the souls that reside there, as those souls strive to shed the last of their human frailties.

As a source of information and knowledge, Kether is the place to go when you want to expand your awareness of the Universe and of things not yet known. It is the place to seek the ideal in an idea or in yourself. It is a place to visit when you want to experience an existence free of the lower human qualities like hatred, fear, desire, pain, and loneliness. It is a place to feel complete, and a place to complete one’s self.

The energy in Kether is very pure, as this is the first place that divine energy gets filtered through before passing through the Abyss, where it then takes on a polarity, and then flows into the other Sephira. Now understand that the energy in Kether is without polarity, which is why it is so pure. It has no alignment in either a positive or a negative direction, male or female, good or bad. It is raw energy that can be used for any purpose whatsoever. ~

This card is also known as the Ace of Wands:



aceofwandsAce of Wands – You are an enlightened being – KNOW it! Live your life to its fullest. KNOW what gives you energy and vitality and be passionate. Change and expand – see beyond the superficial, material reality. New activities are starting in your business and social affairs – the seed is within your heart. You will experience spiritual self-realization – awakening. You have been given the spirit to begin, the desire to want your ideas to grow and prosper, the first impulse and passionate will to begin a new job, a new way of life or a change in your career. Listen and trust your “Inner” Self now – do not rely on the advice of others. Mental strength will be provided through deep understanding and insight. A higher state of awareness teaches you humility, as you come to understand the “source” of your bursts of energy and begin to understand that ultimately, you have done nothing to deserve the optimism and greater energy that allows you to overwhelm other people.




So what does all this mean for us right now? At this moment we are at a crucial point where we have a choice. How will we wield our torch? Will we use it to destroy or to illuminate? There is so much potential for good right now – even in the midst of all the difficulty and pain we face, even with all the horrific news stories of killing and hatred. There is still goodness in the world. There are still possibilities. We can still create a better world. We just need a little bit of love and mercy. So be it. ❤



I was sittin’ in a crummy movie with my hands on my chin
Oh the violence that occurs seems like we never win

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was lyin’ in my room and the news came on T.V.
A lotta people out there hurtin’ and it really scares me

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was standin’ in a bar and watchin’ all the people there
Oh the lonliness in this world well it’s just not fair

Hey love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
Love and mercy tonight

Love and mercy

~ Brian Wilson 


Blessings and Love,


~ Druyan

Control VS Surrender

Control-Freak-2Last week Ms Jade Wolfwriter brought up something I have been having a HUGE internal struggle with lately, a big part of the reason my writing has stalled, and that is the balance between control and surrender. Specifically, in the context of manifestation. On the one hand, why shouldn’t we direct our own lives, they are ours, right? Aren’t we here to manifest? But on the other, what if there is a BIGGER plan we can’t see and our attempts at self-directing are leading us away from better things that could be in store for us if we just let go of control? What if MY WAY isn’t the way I’m supposed to be going? In some situations control is obviously good, like learning self-control and not giving in to the whims of our emotions by engaging in negative behaviors. What I’m talking about is Bigger Plan stuff, a kind of directed surrender, if you will.

The area where this has been most conflicting for me is ritual. I love ritual. I really, really do. There is something so beautiful and connecting about it. Over the past few weeks I have been mulling over how to engage in ritual and surrender at the same time. How can we manifest our Higher Purpose if our selfish wants are in the way? I have come to believe that giving in and going in the direction of our destiny just may be better for us in the long run. I’m tired of being a damn Salmon. But how can engaging in ritual possibly fit into this idea of surrendering? The whole point of ritual is to direct our personal energy towards an outcome we desire. Kind of the opposite of surrender, right?


The solution I have come up with is surprisingly simple: Focus on the situation instead of the outcome. In life sometimes the most difficult situations lend us the most valuable lessons. We can accept the lesson by surrendering to it or fight it and wear ourselves out in the process.  Or we can chose to go around the lesson altogether and never grow. But I want to grow. In order do that I realize I must take the challenges that life hands me and trust there is a reason for them. Give up trying to control the details and accept what IS. I must accept the circumstances of my life as if I chose them myself. Maybe I could ask for the strength to endure a difficult situation rather than to ask for it to go away. Or I could ask to be shown the deeper reasons why I’m having a financial issue rather than asking for money. Or completely give in and ask for whatever The Universe/Source/God/dess has in store for my life, the grace to accept it completely, and the wisdom to see the steps I must take…


I can flail around and sink or let go and float. I choose to float. So Be It.




❤ Druyan



feetsIn directing our own lives it is important to remember that we have our human minds and our human emotions and our human”-ness” to contend with. Humans, on average, don’t think ahead and we can’t see more than 2 inches in front of our faces. How could we, whether looking for more money, or power, or fame, or a bigger house, or a better job, or even a good feeling, a relationship, partner – whatever it is… how could we possibly see past this one lifetime of infinite lifetimes?

We want what we want NOW, often regardless of the overall cost to the environment, in-vironment, others, and whatnot. When we are directing our own steps it is important not to let this selfish part of us do the directing. There is a Higher Thought-form. One that looks and sees beyond this individual lifetime, one that Looks and Sees All. When we are doing the directing through the choices we make let us tune into the best part of us, our Highest Self, the one that can make the best decisions. We can align our thoughts with this THOUGHT. Let us align ourselves to this Greater Direction and set our moral compass to whatever adheres to it.

Why would we want to set a compass to something that isn’t even real, something that won’t stand the test of time? Even the Colosseum crumbled and there is no evidence of the Tower of Babel. Find what is True and Real in this life… and do that. Find out how to serve the one True Thought and align your every action, thought, idea, mannerism with IT… mold yourself into its shape. When you look through the lens of your Highest Self, greater things can be Seen, can be Known. What is most important for Nature?? What benefits all Mankind?? What decision will bring me to where I need to be?? HigherSelf

“OOH! I really want that doughnut. I’m going to eat it. **eats doughnut** Now I feel like crap. Everything is bad.”


“OOH! I really want that doughnut. But I really want to feel good about the choices that I make and have my body feel good so I’m not going to eat that doughnut… Even though I really want to. I guess I don’t ACTUALLY really want to eat that. What I TRULY want is to feel good and not feel bad no matter what that tastes like.” **walks away beaming sunshine**

Can you see the difference in thought?? It’s that simple. One is human the other comes from a Higher Place. When making decisions, make them from this Higher Place, using this Higher Thought That Sees All.

So let go of the life you think you want to lead. And align your thoughts, your steps, your actions –  all of you –  to the life that your Highest Self has for you. In the letting go, we find that nothing is actually lost. But rather, there is so much more to gain!



❤ Bradley



New Moon ~ I Ching

I recently got a beautiful I Ching deck for my birthday (Thank you Kate! ❤ ). Its bold colors go so well with this feisty New Moon (and Venus, the Sun, and Uranus) in Aries. Let’s see what message the I Ching has for us today….


60 – The Limitation

“Limits and Connections”

Limits are necessary to channel purpose and lend direction to life. Constantly swimming in a sea of boundless opportunity would lead to exhaustion. Winging it alone wild and free in a sky of boundless opportunity would lead to being lost. In human affairs, the making of choices, and alliances, implies limitation, for in choosing one path, another must be left behind.

A key to a successful life is to select your limits consciously and carefully — to be discriminating in the setting of personal boundaries, but also knowing when to fly in formation. Just as thrift often precedes prosperity, letting go of selfish interests leads to greater personal reward. Only by consciously accepting useful limits can your energy be channeled to good purpose, and lead to lasting accomplishment.

Point yourself toward a middle way between discipline and freedom of spirit. Limits will come of their own accord; but to consciously select your own affiliations … now, that’s knowing how to fly! At the same time, do not go overboard on discipline. Even limitation must be limited, so that in the effort to bring order and direction into your life, you do not choke off vital sources of lively enthusiasm and spontaneity.

In groups and organizations, rules and regulations should strike a balance between being too strict and too lenient. If too hard, they build frustration among people, and ultimately become destructive. If the rules are too soft, sloppiness becomes acceptable, and energy is soon dissipated. The best path is one that allows for the fulfillment of individual potential, while encouraging self-discipline and focus.


It’s easy to get drawn into either end of the spectrum with so much fire energy swirling around us. We either become impetuous and over-driven, not thinking before we (re)act, or we crawl into our comfy shells, hiding away from the world if we can’t take the heat. This card speaks to the balance we must find during this time. Not giving in to every impulse, but not falling into stasis either. How? We must remain in the present and be aware of our actions and their implications and be respectful of our personal boundaries, and those of others. This will give us stability. We can then harness this energy to propel us in the right direction.

burnThis is a GREAT moon for setting  intentions from a place of balance and forethought. Take the time to think ahead. What ripple effects do our actions have? What serves the highest good of all? What is truly a need, not just a want? Make a list of 3 positive things that you would like to occur. One for the World, one for your Community or Family and one for the Self. Ask that these events unfold in the manner that aligns with The Big Plan. Burn the paper, sending the intentions out to The Universe/Source/God/dess then wait & see what happens over the next two weeks as the Moon grows into her fullness.



❤ Druyan

Silent Awareness

Silent Awareness’ Flow Journey

Laticia Carter ~ aka Silent Awareness


A few months ago I became aware of a beautiful form of movement art called Buugeng, also sometimes called “Spinning”:

buugengBuugeng and S-Staffs involves the spinning and manipulation of one or more S shaped objects. The art of S-Staff borrows many moves from traditional staffs spinning with the addition of the curved S shape to create an optical illusion known as the “visual kaleidoscope”.

The first recorded appearance of the S Shaped Staff is on the PBS special, “Moschen in Motion” (1991) with Michael Moschen. Moschen is an innovative juggler who has worked with Cirque du Soleil, won the MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant”, and was the contact juggler behind David Bowie’s amazing performance in the film Labyrinth (1986). Since the s-staff shares many characteristics with the Double Deer Horn of Chinese martial arts, it is believed to be one of Moschen’s inspirations for the shape and early manipulation techniques.

Dai Zaobab (real name Dai Murata), a well known Japanese entertainer, first coined the term Buugeng after after seeing Moschen in Motion in 2001, taking and adapting Moschen’s S-shaped staffs. The name derives from Buu (Martial Arts)-Geng (Illusion) in Japanese. –


I was hooked. The movements were so hypnotic, relaxing, and soothing – it all made sense when I later found out that the artist that I was watching utilized it as a form of self-therapy for anxiety and depression. I really value the candor and vulnerability that Laticia, aka Silent Awareness, has shared as she exposes her Self along with her art. One of her main focuses besides her own self-expression is to inspire others, to light the fire in others, to encourage us all to share what we do with the world!

Please check out her Facebook page to see this beautiful art-form for yourself! She has many videos uploaded on her page. She also has a gofundme account if you wish to support her on her journey through a donation.

Please take the time to show Laticia some support, whether through a kind word or contribution.



Join me on my journey towards growth, spirituality and mastering my craft.
I appreciate you. #silentawareness


Thank you, Laticia, for sharing the deepest parts of yourself, for allowing the beauty of vulnerability to be translated into movement. In motion, you are grace personified.



❤ Druyan

Tarot by Seven ~ Bernie Sanders Deck


They say isn’t “socially appropriate” to discuss politics, but this is a pivotal time for our country so I’m going out on a limb to say….. I am feeling the Bern. I LOVE BERNIE SANDERS!


This is a time where we have the power to choose LOVE (Bernie) over HATE (Trump).

In honor of this important time, I want to share one of THE most most amazing things I have come across all year….

One of my favorite Tarot readers and deck creators, Seven Stars of Tarot by Seven, has made a playing deck featuring Bernie!!! ❤ All proceeds go to his campaign, please check these out and give your support to Seven… and, of course,  Bernie!



seven starsAnd now for something COMPLETELY different…….I made some Bernie Sanders playing cards – these aren’t Tarot cards, they’re regular playing cards.

So I was waiting in line to see Bernie…..for five hours….thinking, man, this is really boring, it’s too bad I didn’t bring a deck of cards or something. How many selfies can you take waiting in the same spot in line?

I made these original designs thinking maybe some of you guys might like a little Bernie memorabilia or for something to do next time YOU are waiting to see him speak. He’s always saying the deck is stacked, so, I’m calling these UNSTACK THE DECK cards.

Proceeds (minus costs) will be sent to Bernie to help him win this election!!!


Purchase deck HERE.




❤ Druyan