World UFO Day

*Mt Adams just wasn’t visible from where I was parked

I spent World UFO Day at the ECETI ranch!  So it’s an amazing annual conference on this ranch where you can also come just to camp and sky watch.  I will post another update after my day today.  So I stumbled onto the topic of ET stuff through the concept of starseeds and fixed stars astrology (and ascension).  When I first got to the conference, I was a little worried about conspiracy theory potential (which there has been some, but not too much), but was way encouraged by the focus on spirituality and multi-dimensionality.

Yesterday a crop circle expert at book table asked to see my tattoos and was codownloadnfused and then suggested I almost look conservative. LOL can’t help my Swiss genetics! And I came straight from work on Friday, whereas most people had already been there a day camping. Not that I was wearing a jacket or anything.
Someone had the book, Initiation, next to them (the red edition) so of course I talked to them, about Past Life Regression! wahoo.

Overall – interesting mix of genius and compassion (with some conspiracy theory dubious schtuff).

Mount Adams, near Trout Lake, WA
waiting for Sky Watch!
on the back of the ECETI biz card



Galaxies of Rainbows!


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