Mercury Retrograde ~ 5 Planets Retro

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April 28th, 2016

Mercury Retrograde/ 5 Planets in Retrograde


5 planets total are retrograde right now which hasn’t happened for 10 years. How are you feeling? If you’re like me, you are having really high-highs and really low-lows but the lows are outweighing the highs. This is a time for learning lessons, retrospection, and renewal. Although I feel like I haven’t been much of a good student lately as all I want to do is find solitude and stay in my dream-realm instead of facing 3D reality.

Communications in every way will be altered. Connecting with people is hard right now and misunderstandings are all over the place as well as misplaced emails, texts, paper work, etc. Double check everything. Even though we may feel like speeding up, it’s time to slow down, take things one at a time, one day at a time.

So even though this all seems a bit much with almost our whole solar system going backwards, it’s time for learning, growing, and ascending. With that comes what you have been experiencing, such as panic attacks, pain, depression, feelings of going crazy and freaking out. This is all very normal for a time like this. While light is always at the end of the tunnel, in this case it’s a very long tunnel.


Light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-768x1024Photograph by:

It’s ok to feel your feelings! If you need to cry then cry, in fact make it an ugly cry!! It’s a time for releasing! If you need to punch something, go for it… just make sure it’s not another person. Try a pillow or, like me, use a punching bag. Again – release!! Be proud of yourself for getting out of bed, feeding yourself and cleansing your body. These things can be extremely tough sometimes, give yourself some credit.

So, how are you feeling right now? Talk about it in detail, let it all out, RELEASE! We are here for each other and we are surrounded by love even if we don’t always feel it.
I Love You.



Retros are ’til the following dates:

Jupiter-May 9
Mercury-May 21
Mars-June 28
Saturn-Aug 12
Pluto-Sept 25






Easy Astro ~ Sun in Taurus

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Sun in Taurus

Art By Josephine Wall:

Happy Solar Returns to Taurus!! Time to slow down and really indulge in all our senses. Treat yourself to delicious foods, listen to your favorite music, watch live theatre, stop and smell the roses, have sensual sex or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket!

There’s no need to rush, everything will come to you at the right time. You may feel that there is no place like home for the next month and are happiest in your zen den.

This bull doesn’t take any bull so your sense of sniffing out the bull-shit will be heightened. Of course being stubborn and bull headed will be amplified as well. If it’s a topic you are really passionate about stick to your guns and believe in your own truth.

Art by Kersten Schoene:

Slow and steady wins the race with Taurus, so all those projects you have been working on, they will get done, eventually. Your to-do list will get done in due time. There’s no rush to get done first like there is with Aries. Taurus is naturally grounded as an Earth sign and is confident that everything will get finished exactly when the time is right.

Let us all take advantage of the Sun in Taurus and focus on everything it stands for. It will make your everyday lives easier as well as give you closure as to why you may be feeling these energies right now. Take your bull by the horns and enjoy the ride!


Stone for Taurus:


Emerald for abundance, growth, prosperity and Earthly energies.

Color for Taurus:


Green for the same as well as healing especially the Heart Chakra.

Essential Oil:

Eucalyptus for sinuses, sore throats and aching muscles (especially the  neck and shoulders which Taurus rules).



Coltsfoot, also known as Bullsfoot, for the horseshoe shaped leaves.
Used for coughs, colds and flu.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
nothing so gentle as real strength. – Sitting Bull sittingbull


Easy Astro ~ 04/19/16

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April 19th, 2016

Mars and Pluto Retrograde


When planets go retro, a lot of us feel worry and dread towards this occurrence. It’s understandable, especially with all the different web sites telling you the negative side to it, harping on what you shouldn’t do during this period of time. I’m going to lightly touch base on the negative connotations of these events, then focus on the positive aspects of Mars and Pluto going retro.

Mars going retro until June 28th. It can bring up hot tempers and arguments that no one will win in the end. You can assert yourself but if a fight starts my advice during this time is to just walk away, calm down and deal with it in another way. It is said that anything started during Mars retro won’t work out, as in a new job, a new relationship, a new home, etc. That doesn’t mean if you get the opportunity to do these things not to do them! Go for it anyway, time will tell if it will work out. Action may slow down or even stop when it comes to productivity and organization. You’re likely to feel a lack of energy and motivation. Rest is always good for us, so go with it! If you want to counter this, try exercising, drink lots of water and eat healthy whenever possible.

dancefreeAs with all retros, this is a time for re-thinking things and going over your plans, but I also feel it’s about RELEASING!! Release pent up anger in healthy ways like hitting a punching bag or some sweaty activity-like sex or dancing!!! This is a great time to release your inner passions and desires and just have fun!

Pluto goes retro ’til September 25th, so that is the whole summer! What’s so interesting about Pluto is that it represents our shadow sides and the underworld, so when it goes retro we actually have more control over temptations and dark thoughts/actions because we easily recognize these things as they come to a head and can act accordingly. This is a time when we see things we don’t like about ourselves and make positive changes for our greater good which is exactly what Pluto stands for: Transformation. We can get closure with our past and move forward. It also gives us the chance to face our fears and over come them. Overall, Pluto retro should have a positive effect on you!!




Let us use these retros for good and come out of them a stronger, healthier being than we were before!

❤ Love Always, Kelly


Gifts of the 12th House

Isolation, secrets, the subconscious mind, they all represent the 12th house and have been a common theme in my life. I have my Moon and Neptune in the 12th house. With these placements my soul tends to hide out in my subconscious, and sometimes the only way for me to reach it is by doing dream work. Once I’m in my dream state or living in my other world, everything comes to life. My emotions, my actions and my choices become highly elevated and seem more real than actual 3D reality.  I work very hard in this “dream world” as I have exceptional healing techniques that I can only use in the subconscious realms. I’m very powerful there, in a benevolent way and actually feel my emotions strongly, rather than in my 3D life where I feel almost numb to them.
Another way to reach my soul, as it hides out in the 12th house with my Moon, is through creative expression of every kind. No wonder when I’m doing theatre I feel right at home. When I sing and dance on stage, I am sharing my soul with others as well as connecting to it for myself. Nothing in the world compares to the feelings I feel when I get to perform. Not only do I get to heal myself but I’m healing others at the same time. My whole life has been based around music, theatre, singing and dancing; now I know why, because that’s where my soul lives.

I also have Neptune in the 12th house which is its ruling planet. This placement has me reaching rock bottom before I make any changes in my life. It happens to me over and over again, like a vicious cycle I have yet to break. I recognize this as one of my life lessons, as it may take my whole life to remedy the tough situations I put myself through.  Neptune brings out the best and worst of the 12th house. Self-victimization and disassociation have made themselves my best friends without asking for my consent first.

On a lighter note, “This can also be the most transcendental, inspirational 12th House planet of all. These people are highly gifted on psychic and creative levels. Their potential to heal and bless the world and themselves is enormous. But, their Neptune needs to be owned first.”  Astrology Arena


Either way, I accept these planetary 12th house placements with arms wide open
and am so grateful for the lessons they are teaching me.


Mysteries of the Twelfth House

Image by Jane Rekas

As many astrology enthusiasts are, I am intrigued with the 12th house.  I have two planets in the 12th house, my Moon and Mars.  They are also conjunct my Ascendant quite closely, within 5 degrees. And I nearly have Venus there too, but it’s the 1st house within 3 degrees of my ASC.  There are several of my close relatives who have Moon in the 12th house too.

I remember getting a reading in my early 20s in which I was told that all my feelings are right near the surface, though I don’t want them to be seen.  I get moody and angry and when it comes out, I try to smooth the waters, as I have compassion right there.  I think I also try to appear nice, feel very self conscious of being cranky, and want to deny my emotions often.

“The Moon in the twelfth house projects its influence in this sector of the chart. This placement gives a love of introspection and a need for periodic retirement from the confusion and business of the world in general. This placement is going to cause you to feel emotionally isolated from others since it is difficult for you to find emotional stability in other people. You are extremely impressionable and respond to subtle influences of those around you. With such a strong sense of charity, a release is needed to in some way be able to help others. There is opportunity for success in work within large institutions such as hospitals, the government, or large corporations, and usually for the public welfare. While you are subject to emotional chaos, you have serious difficulty expressing your emotions. The twelfth house Moon denotes a need for security that is often fulfilled though withdrawal.

The Mars twelfth house placement shows desires and actions are influenced by the subconscious mind. You have a compelling sense of mission, but most of your desires are kept secret to avoid open opposition from others. You are secretive about your work or you prefer working alone and perhaps even in seclusion. Unconscious anger needs to be brought into the open and understood.” astrology-numerology

Also these two comments are quite true for me:

(Moon) “The relationship you had with your mother was complex. You might have felt as if you were the “parent” and your mother was the child. You were dependable and felt responsible for your mother figure and her happiness. You may have experienced your mother figure as emotionally vulnerable, weak or unstable and as someone who “needed you to be strong”. Your mother may have suffered from depression, sadness or mental illness.

(Mars) Your relationship with your father is something that causes you pain. In childhood, your father might have suffered with alcoholism and was not emotionally or physically there for you. You may have argued with your father and might have felt like you had to take care of him because of his weaknesses.” source

My rising planets

There are several associations with the 12th house:

  • The house of the hidden, subconscious, private, collective karma.
  • The Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and the planets Jupiter and Neptune.
  • Cusp of the Ascendant and 1st house which shows “what I am” and the 12th house showing “what I am not.”

TWELFTH HOUSE KEYWORDS: subconscious, hidden, karma, self-deception, self-undoing, punishment, charity, philanthropy, forgiveness, meditation, self-analysis, confinement, isolation, seclusion, loneliness, bondage, imprisonment, hospitals, institutions, hotels, sanctuaries, ashrams, monasteries, solitude, escapism, avoidance, poverty, debts, welfare, animals, aunts and uncles, retirement, sea, seamen, secrets, secret enemies

The twelfth house can be referred to rather bleakly:

“There is karma here. That means bad things will happen to bad people. Even good people will suffer misfortune if they’re carrying some mysterious past-life debt. This house can bring frustration, anxiety, confinement, and loss; also slavery, sickness, and imprisonment. It rules hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, and monasteries (the kind you were sent to when the family wanted to keep you from public view). The 12th also rules hidden enemies. These are the evil doers you don’t even know about, like the smiling beautician who Moonlights as a sorcerer, and is even now sticking pins into a voodoo doll tied with a strand of your hair.”  Dana Gerhardt

Image by Jane Rekas


“If there’s a planet in the 12th House and conjunct the Ascendant, it’s going to be a hidden agenda of yours, in the way in which you greet the world. You express this energy like an undercover agent, as it motivates you but is not all out in the open like a 1st House planet on the Ascendant would be. Yet, it still has a way of being noticeable and tangible, at the same time. It’s just more of a feeling around you than a transparent persona. I think this is especially the case if the planet is 4 degrees or less away from the Ascendant. So, people see it and don’t see it, at the same time….This differs greatly from a 1st House planet conjunct the Ascendant. It is very direct and straightforward in its expression. It wants to be seen and make an impact. But, 12th House planets don’t want to be seen, even if they’re on the Ascendant. They are egoless and don’t need the me-oriented recognition that 1st House planets do. “ source

I am intrigued by Rising Planets as well.  Rising Planets are planets conjunct the Ascendant.  I think it usually refers to planets in the first house only.  But what about planets in the 12th house near the Ascendant?

“I always consider planets just “behind” the Ascendant as quivering on the edge of expression… In any chart I look at, I consider a planet in this position (in the 12th house, conjunct the Ascendant) as a point of much preoccupation and, often, troubles in the native’s life. Any planet conjunct the Ascendant can show some level of immaturity, but its place in the 12th house also suggests a drive towards mastery or maturity. The resulting mix is unusual and contradictory. That planet’s energy is powerful in the native’s life, and has an almost self-conscious need to be seen and expressed. Still, it’s under the surface, on the verge of expression, yet not quite out of the closet.”   source

There is a great chance of imminent visibility when a 12th house planet is near the Ascendant:

“The closer a 12th house planet is to the Ascendant, the less of a secret it really is! A 12th house planet that is conjunct the Ascendant within 10° is much more apparent to people around you and the world at large than you believe. You’re probably not fooling anyone but yourself, even if they don’t call you on it. An example would be the flamboyantly gay but closeted person who believes that if they don’t talk about it no one will know.”  Donna Cunningham


As you may know, this is a particular interest of mine. Rising Planets and how they affect your appearance.


Would you like to see if you look like celebrities with similar planets?

See more planets rising


The Twelfth House: The Hidden Power in the Horoscope Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House
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by Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysterie…
by Tracy Marks
Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysterie…
by Tracy MarksKindle $14.72


Which planets do you have in your 12th house?

Planets in the Twelfth House

– See more at:


❤ Jane

Routine Versus Ritual

Yesterday I came across this brilliant piece about the difference between Routine vs. Ritual by my dear siStar, April. Since the concept of using ritual in ways that have broader reaching, more positive benefits has been on my mind, this resonated deeply within me and I asked her if I may share it. Enjoy!  ❤ Druyan



I did an April New Moon ceremony with some friends where we set new intentions. I suppose it could also be called a ritual. Wow! How incredibly powerful these ceremonies can be. I am amazed. I have been enjoying being comfortable with where I’m at on my journey of life for the last few years. After a long road of hard work I needed to enjoy the fruits of my labors for a time.

Today, there is a stirring, a calling to go somewhere new on this journey. There is a deep rustling for change on a spiritual, deeper level. It started a few months back with a new ritual of hot lemon water first thing every morning. Yuck!! Bitter and obnoxious; it’s not at all what I wanted to drink. Gimme coffee, NOW!! I knew the health benefits (skin, liver, digestion) and forced myself to keep drinking.

It’s been over 2 months now and this everyday drink has become effortless. Now when I am out of lemons in the morning I can’t deny the strong desire to have it!! This may sound like something small, but bear with me. Next to my morning ritual I added a sardines + avocado breakfast. MAJOR YUCK!! I couldn’t believe I was forcing myself to eat such a fishy rancid flavor first thing in the morning. A friend turned me on to all the health benefits (tons of B12) of sardines so out of a desire to care for my body and give it more energy I stuck with it. Now- I love my fisherman’s breakfast! 😀


The most recent addition to the morning ritual was a 15 min. meditation. Not guided as I had sometimes done, but a silent meditation focused on the breath. I have been a fan of meditation in the past but it’s always been done sporadically. It was annoying to have to build this time into my morning. As an avid snooze-buttoner it meant less time sleeping in. Yet the difference in long-term effect of consistent every day meditation is incredible.

As a person who always resisted the idea of daily routine for the oh-so-dreaded fear of complacency and boredom, I am honestly now an avid believer in daily ritual. Because when I call it a ritual, it feels better. What’s the difference between routine and ritual?

“Routine aims to make the chaos of everyday life more containable and controllable, ritual aims to imbue the mundane with an element of the magical.”
“A ritual is deliberate and ceremonial, usually done with reverence and respect.”

There is no thinking in habitual behavior. There are many habits that are bad. The old habit of grabbing a coffee first thing out of bed was simply just satisfaction of a craving and habit that did not have a deliberate, thought out, benefiting intention behind it. It was a habit. Lemon water, sardines, and meditation…..that’s a ritual. And if what seemed uncomfortable at first, became effortless in these small things…. Somewhere, somehow the subconscious is gonna start understanding how this works on a larger scale.


One small step at a time. I have a hunch that by building on these daily rituals, one by one a new way of life will unfold. With each added step a more intentional bigger life change will ensue. I love hearing all your stories of growth and change and wanted to share. Maybe some of you have already had this revelation, but thanks for providing a space for me to share. I could have never realized how lemon water and sardines could kick start a much wider, richer path of growing. It’s too early to know for sure, but I’m seeing the potential and its exhilarating!!

XOXOXOX  ~ April


Control VS Surrender

Control-Freak-2Last week Ms Jade Wolfwriter brought up something I have been having a HUGE internal struggle with lately, a big part of the reason my writing has stalled, and that is the balance between control and surrender. Specifically, in the context of manifestation. On the one hand, why shouldn’t we direct our own lives, they are ours, right? Aren’t we here to manifest? But on the other, what if there is a BIGGER plan we can’t see and our attempts at self-directing are leading us away from better things that could be in store for us if we just let go of control? What if MY WAY isn’t the way I’m supposed to be going? In some situations control is obviously good, like learning self-control and not giving in to the whims of our emotions by engaging in negative behaviors. What I’m talking about is Bigger Plan stuff, a kind of directed surrender, if you will.

The area where this has been most conflicting for me is ritual. I love ritual. I really, really do. There is something so beautiful and connecting about it. Over the past few weeks I have been mulling over how to engage in ritual and surrender at the same time. How can we manifest our Higher Purpose if our selfish wants are in the way? I have come to believe that giving in and going in the direction of our destiny just may be better for us in the long run. I’m tired of being a damn Salmon. But how can engaging in ritual possibly fit into this idea of surrendering? The whole point of ritual is to direct our personal energy towards an outcome we desire. Kind of the opposite of surrender, right?


The solution I have come up with is surprisingly simple: Focus on the situation instead of the outcome. In life sometimes the most difficult situations lend us the most valuable lessons. We can accept the lesson by surrendering to it or fight it and wear ourselves out in the process.  Or we can chose to go around the lesson altogether and never grow. But I want to grow. In order do that I realize I must take the challenges that life hands me and trust there is a reason for them. Give up trying to control the details and accept what IS. I must accept the circumstances of my life as if I chose them myself. Maybe I could ask for the strength to endure a difficult situation rather than to ask for it to go away. Or I could ask to be shown the deeper reasons why I’m having a financial issue rather than asking for money. Or completely give in and ask for whatever The Universe/Source/God/dess has in store for my life, the grace to accept it completely, and the wisdom to see the steps I must take…


I can flail around and sink or let go and float. I choose to float. So Be It.




❤ Druyan



feetsIn directing our own lives it is important to remember that we have our human minds and our human emotions and our human”-ness” to contend with. Humans, on average, don’t think ahead and we can’t see more than 2 inches in front of our faces. How could we, whether looking for more money, or power, or fame, or a bigger house, or a better job, or even a good feeling, a relationship, partner – whatever it is… how could we possibly see past this one lifetime of infinite lifetimes?

We want what we want NOW, often regardless of the overall cost to the environment, in-vironment, others, and whatnot. When we are directing our own steps it is important not to let this selfish part of us do the directing. There is a Higher Thought-form. One that looks and sees beyond this individual lifetime, one that Looks and Sees All. When we are doing the directing through the choices we make let us tune into the best part of us, our Highest Self, the one that can make the best decisions. We can align our thoughts with this THOUGHT. Let us align ourselves to this Greater Direction and set our moral compass to whatever adheres to it.

Why would we want to set a compass to something that isn’t even real, something that won’t stand the test of time? Even the Colosseum crumbled and there is no evidence of the Tower of Babel. Find what is True and Real in this life… and do that. Find out how to serve the one True Thought and align your every action, thought, idea, mannerism with IT… mold yourself into its shape. When you look through the lens of your Highest Self, greater things can be Seen, can be Known. What is most important for Nature?? What benefits all Mankind?? What decision will bring me to where I need to be?? HigherSelf

“OOH! I really want that doughnut. I’m going to eat it. **eats doughnut** Now I feel like crap. Everything is bad.”


“OOH! I really want that doughnut. But I really want to feel good about the choices that I make and have my body feel good so I’m not going to eat that doughnut… Even though I really want to. I guess I don’t ACTUALLY really want to eat that. What I TRULY want is to feel good and not feel bad no matter what that tastes like.” **walks away beaming sunshine**

Can you see the difference in thought?? It’s that simple. One is human the other comes from a Higher Place. When making decisions, make them from this Higher Place, using this Higher Thought That Sees All.

So let go of the life you think you want to lead. And align your thoughts, your steps, your actions –  all of you –  to the life that your Highest Self has for you. In the letting go, we find that nothing is actually lost. But rather, there is so much more to gain!



❤ Bradley



New Moon ~ I Ching

I recently got a beautiful I Ching deck for my birthday (Thank you Kate! ❤ ). Its bold colors go so well with this feisty New Moon (and Venus, the Sun, and Uranus) in Aries. Let’s see what message the I Ching has for us today….


60 – The Limitation

“Limits and Connections”

Limits are necessary to channel purpose and lend direction to life. Constantly swimming in a sea of boundless opportunity would lead to exhaustion. Winging it alone wild and free in a sky of boundless opportunity would lead to being lost. In human affairs, the making of choices, and alliances, implies limitation, for in choosing one path, another must be left behind.

A key to a successful life is to select your limits consciously and carefully — to be discriminating in the setting of personal boundaries, but also knowing when to fly in formation. Just as thrift often precedes prosperity, letting go of selfish interests leads to greater personal reward. Only by consciously accepting useful limits can your energy be channeled to good purpose, and lead to lasting accomplishment.

Point yourself toward a middle way between discipline and freedom of spirit. Limits will come of their own accord; but to consciously select your own affiliations … now, that’s knowing how to fly! At the same time, do not go overboard on discipline. Even limitation must be limited, so that in the effort to bring order and direction into your life, you do not choke off vital sources of lively enthusiasm and spontaneity.

In groups and organizations, rules and regulations should strike a balance between being too strict and too lenient. If too hard, they build frustration among people, and ultimately become destructive. If the rules are too soft, sloppiness becomes acceptable, and energy is soon dissipated. The best path is one that allows for the fulfillment of individual potential, while encouraging self-discipline and focus.


It’s easy to get drawn into either end of the spectrum with so much fire energy swirling around us. We either become impetuous and over-driven, not thinking before we (re)act, or we crawl into our comfy shells, hiding away from the world if we can’t take the heat. This card speaks to the balance we must find during this time. Not giving in to every impulse, but not falling into stasis either. How? We must remain in the present and be aware of our actions and their implications and be respectful of our personal boundaries, and those of others. This will give us stability. We can then harness this energy to propel us in the right direction.

burnThis is a GREAT moon for setting  intentions from a place of balance and forethought. Take the time to think ahead. What ripple effects do our actions have? What serves the highest good of all? What is truly a need, not just a want? Make a list of 3 positive things that you would like to occur. One for the World, one for your Community or Family and one for the Self. Ask that these events unfold in the manner that aligns with The Big Plan. Burn the paper, sending the intentions out to The Universe/Source/God/dess then wait & see what happens over the next two weeks as the Moon grows into her fullness.



❤ Druyan

Kelly’s Easy Astro ~ 04/07/16

easy astro

April 7th, 2016


New Moon in Aries!

Time to get to work, get things done and move forward. Haven’t you put it off long enough? With 6 planets in fire signs, the Universe is helping you out with an extra push, or rather, a big shove! This is a Super Moon, the 2nd strongest one we will have this year. This is determined by the Moon’s proximity to the Earth. It amplifies the feelings represented by the Aries Moon. With the New Moon in Aries, our tempers could heat up quicker than usual and arguments are more likely. Emotions are running high and we are dealing with tons of feels! Try to do something physical or creative to release this energy.

FLAME%20DANCEFlame Dance by Leonid Afremov

Don’t forget to write down your New Moon Intentions and either bury it in your yard as a seed of potential, or burn it, which would be a good way to use this Fire energy. What are you going to do on this day/night of the Aries Super Moon?


To connect to Aries Energy:


Crystals: Garnet & Bloodstone

Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing.
Garnet can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. It is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external.

~ ~ ~

Bloodstone is excellent for centering and grounding.
It is said to help with calming, particularly in survival situations. It brings mystical energies of increasing adaptability and organization, and lessening confusion, stress, and anxiety.


Color: Red


Being the color of physical movement, the color red awakens our physical life force.


Essential Oil: Rose

Rose Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting depression…  This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

Herb: Basil


Basil is sacred to Vishnu, Tulasi and Erzulie, masculine in nature, and associated with the element of fire and the planet Mars.






Kelly’s Easy Astro ~ 04/05/16

easy astro

April 5th, 2016

New Moon Wishing Days!


The 2 days before the New Moon are always the New Moon Wishing Days. It’s when you start thinking about setting intentions and goals that you want to achieve within the next 2 weeks.


Write out a list of things you want to grow in your life as well as goals you would like to complete. I make two lists. One I bury in the backyard for growth, like a seed that will begin to sprout. The other I keep and go over it, reading it again to myself and the Universe and making changes when needed.

Also some big changes!!
Venus is now in Aries and Mercury is now in Taurus!!

That’s 6 planets in Fire signs!! This is a bit too heavy of an energy for me but maybe you are loving it! Instead of going out and being productive I’ve been feeling the opposite and turning inwards. Which way are you feeling? Spontaneous and Energetic or Thoughtful and Needing Solitude?

Now that Venus is in Aries you may feel seductive and excited to chase your mate. Feelings of1 “I want this right now!” are very strong. Aries in Venus is great for forgetting about the past lovers we had and concentrating on a new matters of the heart. Also the need for self-love is very strong. Aries always wants to put themselves first and that goes with relationships too.


A womans's hands crossed over her chest. Photo based illustration.


Mercury has moved into earthy Taurus! Time for some down to earth, slow and thoughtful thinking and communicating. Feelings of being more grounded in your own truth are strong. Sticking to the old way of doing things will prevail over trying something new.


Crystal of the Day:

Moonstone for tapping into Lunar energies.

Essential Oil of the Day:

Cypress to release blockages and allow transition to take place.

Color of the Day:

Green for manifestation, growth, and abundance with the New Moon.

Herb of the Day:

Allspice as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.