The Importance of Researching


They say that knowledge is power.  Who said that and what does that actually mean?  To me, knowledge is the difference between slowly hurting in ignorance and learning about the blessings that the Universe has in store.  When we realize there is more information available, we can then make a more educated decision about where to go from where we are.  You wouldn’t set out in your car to travel across the country without your GPS or a map handy, so why travel through life with your blinders on?

When you consciously take time to learn about the real things of this reality, it sends a message to the Unseen Forces: I’m ready.  Ways that we can honor this declaration is through spiritual practice: meditation, yoga, reiki…  Other ways we can learn about this physical life is to study nutrition, posture, and ways to honor our inner child. It seems to me that humans are caring a whole awful lot about the things they worked to attain, but give no care to what they got for free: their minds, bodies, imaginations, hopes and dreams.  Where would we be as a human race without these, according to society, “insignificant” attributes?  Well, we wouldn’t be human at all would we?

researchSo now that we’ve called attention to parts of ourselves that we may have severely neglected, what now?  How does one nurture one’s physical form?  In what ways may the human mind not only be stimulated, but also grow and mature?  This is why we do our research!  Examining our diets is a great place to start. Discovering which foods will inhibit your natural progression through life and then eliminating them from your diet is crucial.  Perhaps even more so than that, discovering which foods will make your development SOAR will make eliminations easier.  For example…  You have a glass full of water and would like to add more to it.  Well, in order to do that, you must remove some of the liquid before any more is added.  The full glass is you, you have to empty yourself out: stop doing things you don’t want so that you have more room to be able to do the things you truly do want.  Knowing you’re making room for something better will motivate you to let those old habits go.


But all of this removal and adding can only happen when YOU consciously choose to do your own research.  Do not rely exclusively upon the opinions of others.  Who knows your body better than YOU?  Try little experiments on yourself and see how you feel.  Maybe abstain from dairy for a week and see how that feels?  Start doing yoga with the sun every morning for a week and feel the benefits within your own skin. (Simple Sun Salutation instructions w/ video here) Yoga can help you to stretch your muscles and align your body which allows for all of your internal organs to function properly because you aren’t crushing them.  Think about it this way… you are combining the information you learned with the experience of actively changing.  This will propel you.  This will help you to feel more fulfilled.  This can start you on your path.newpath

So when does one find time for all of this research?  Well, you make time.  Instead of checking that social networking site, do a quick google search on a subject that interests you.  Maybe you want to find out a great protein substitute, **coughs** black beans, who knows?  Trust me, the people on the social networking sites will still all have their things when you get back to them.  And when you do get back to them, you have wonderful new information to share!  #YAY

So yea, knowledge is power and things…  Learn about yourself, your True Self.  Don’t be afraid to ask others, we are all in this together.  We have 7 billion different experiences among the humans, surely we have some pretty good ideas that can be explored and shared.  And then remember to not only stop there… conduct your own experiments.  See what works best for you and then do that.  Best wishes to you in your journey!


Kisses, kittens.  I love you.


❤ Bradley


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