Full Moon in Capricorn

mooncapThe full moon is once again upon us, in all her brilliance. Here we have another opportunity to reach that place of luminescence. To shine a light upon what (and how) we’re manifesting and to take the chance to redirect ourselves, if needed. This month’s full moon is in the sign of Capricorn. This sign is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting down in it. Capricorn is known as the workhorse of the Zodiac. Heaven help the one who gets in the way of a Cappy’s ambition – these seagoats have some major drive. At this time you may feel a pressing need to finish up any projects that have been lingering around, incomplete. There may also be some conflicts as this sign can be, well, a liiittle bossy! 😉 With all this pressing energy competing with the Sun, which is still hanging out in the sign of home-body Cancer, I was very curious about what kind of message we would get from The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit deck. It ended up being as close to a goat as you can get in this deck. We got some horns:




Heightened awareness & ability [Capricorn],
Vulnerable [Cancer]

The Gazelle represents supreme grace with every move, this awe-inspiring beauty emits sophistication and elegance. Gazelle personalities are often hyper-aware of their surroundings (bordering on hyper-vigilant), which can inhibit them from enjoying the beauty they’ve spent so much effort cultivating. No more worrying about all those predators out there in the wild, when this card appears it’s time to get back to the present moment. Sit down, find your breath, and acknowledge the bounty that surrounds you. Let it nourish your gentle spirit.

When in balance: graceful, perceptive, artistic

When out of balance: food allergies, insomnia, racing mind

To bring into balance: yin yoga, a cozy home, good food

This card perfectly encapsulates the Capricorn-Cancer axis that is being activated by this full moon. Capricorn wants to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW. Cancer is ok with a cozy blanket and a good book at home. We can, however,  get trapped in either side of this polarity. Too much force and we burn out, not enough drive and we end up going nowhere. This is a reminder to us to gauge which one of these energies we need more of, and what we may need to tone down. Do we need more drive and ambition or do we need to slow down and enjoy the simple comforts of life? It may also have us feeling extra emotional about our accomplishments, or lack thereof. This is a great time to push past any blockages that are impeding our growth.

When the full moon is in a sign, we tend to take on more characteristics of that sign. This can be a great thing if we are able to be mindful of our use of these energies. The message here is one of moderation. Yes, we need to get things done, but we also need to rest and care for ourselves. Now is a time to be very cautious not to bite off more than we can chew. Some great questions to ask while the moon is in Capricorn: How can I be a leader while still being self-aware and mindful of those around me? Where am I over-exerting myself? Where could I use more drive?  What projects can I begin or complete without burning myself out?

Since this is an Earthy sign, grounding and meditation will be so very helpful during the moon’s stay in Capricorn. Really go deep to discover exactly what you need. And it doesn’t hurt to pray. ❤

( http://www.thebesthex.com )

P.S. Read more about Full Moon Ritual HERE!



~ Druyan



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