Star Spangled Sirius


Some of the contributors to SMG met yesterday on zoom chat to discuss the New Moon and astrology.  By a series of turns in the conversation, and knowing already that the New Moon was conjunct the star Sirius (related to starseeds and fixed stars), we discovered some esoteric meaning also connecting Egypt to America’s celebration of it’s birthday.

Jul 4th, 2016: New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, 7:00 AM conjunct Sirius in Canis Major (14 Cancer 05)!


Every year our sun conjoins the star Sirius, at 13.5 degrees Cancer, during the first week in July; that is, as seen from the earth, the sun lies in front of Sirius which lies at the same celestial longitude as the astrological sign of Cancer in the sky. Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have.

Sirius, as the astronomical foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system, as well as many other ancient empires, carries profound metaphysical and esoteric meaning. If there exists an actual guiding intelligence to Earth’s evolution, it most certainly can be associated with Sirius. And the United States, with its Sun conjunct Sirius, represents, therefore, the clearest channel for this extra-human agency to manifest its will, whatever that may be. For those who might assume that supernatural guidance is America’s fate, it might be wise to recall that all empires have had an expiration date.

If Sirius is conjunct any of your natal planets (tight orb of 2 degrees), read about that at these two sites:

Are you a Sirian Starseed?


Galaxies of Rainbows! Jane


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