Ascension First Aid


If you have already heard of Ascension, it is probably because you are experiencing symptoms that you’ve discovered may be explained by it.  You may also be noticing that it’s not just you, that people are sharing similar experiences at the same times.  Physically, we are integrating light code downloads and upgrading our DNA.

So what is Ascension? To me, it is about ascending the ladder of spiritual growth, but it can also means ascending up levels of dimensions or frequency, both personally and globally.  This process has been accelerating, and for many, this is not altogether a comfortable process.

So what can you do? And why is this?  The most important thing is self-care.  There is also a parallel to the grieving process.  We are transforming so rapidly, that it can be threatening to our ego.  So it is important to find acceptance through some form of surrender, while also reaching out for our spiritual support, through our guides and angels, and the Ascended Masters.  I can also recommend Arcturian Rainbow Healing.

Some alternative therapies/activities that may help:

  • Grounding
  • Psychic protection
  • Chakra/energy work
  • Chiropractic adjustments,
  • Yoga and Qi Gong
  • Clean eating/diet
  • lots of water
  • power naps
  • Inner child work
  • Salt baths
  • Crystals for Starseeds
  • Guided medtiation
  • Meditation

My post on the astrology of Ascension:

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angelic alchemy

angelic alchemy

Wishing you Galaxies of Rainbows! Jane



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