~Kelly’s Easy Astro~ 7/2/16

easy astro


With the Moon in Gemini today we may feel pushed and pulled in two different directions. Talk things out. Make sure you pick the path YOU want to travel, the path of LOVE.
This weekend being a holiday can get very busy and stressed. We may feel like we can’t keep up or our self confidence may be low. Try to relax and enjoy even though energies of overdoing it are strong. Ask for help if you need it and think of all the things that can go right instead of worrying about what could go wrong!

Today and Sunday the planets want us to be introspective and work on ourselves, so some solitude is much needed but some of us will be forced to be in the center of the crowd (espesh if like me, you live near the ocean and everyone and their mother comes “down the shore” for this crazy weekend of partying). I will remember to be grateful for all I have and thank the Universe for getting me out of my Virgo hermit shell and into the social scene, I can retreat back to it later!

The energies will be, how should I say this, bi polar today. LOL! The morning and afternoon will feel crazed and rushed and the evening should feel much more relaxed. So try to be open to unexpected changes and go with the flow as much as possible – espesh with this Void of Course Moon tonight.

Crystal of the Day:

Amber for connection to Mother Earth,
psychic protection and the healing of physical pain.

Essential Oil of the Day:

Sandalwood to stay grounded.

Color of the Day:

Blue for the ocean, the sky and feelings of calm,
and speaking your own truth with that Gemini Moon.

Quote of the Day:

Mahatma Gandhi - 81 x 100 cmTogether we can face any challenges
as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.
~ Gandhi

Always with Love, Kelly

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