Unicorn Meditation (for kids!)


Part of my work with children is to help them connect with their own inner resources. Children are quite adept at connecting to magical and imaginative ideas and resources that can help them cope with challenges at school, home, or internally. This meditation helps children learn how to relax their bodies while connecting to a resource that will help them feel supported and loved. This meditation is good to use anytime – winding down after an exciting day, for fun, or to relax before bed. This specific meditation was inspired by a friend’s lovely daughter who reminds us all to believe in fairies, mermaids, and of course, unicorns.

A magical meditation and guided relaxation for kids. Helps them connect with inner resources and regulate their emotions. Great for any time of day from calming down after school, before a stressful event, just for fun, or to fall to sleep.


Guided Meditation to receive Sacred Gifts

4 dir

I became a certified hypnotist in 2011.  I have been moving towards more transpersonal hypnosis.  This script is from Anne Salisbury, Phd, CCHt at https://transpersonalhypnotherapy.com/ set to music from http://www.purple-planet.com/.

Please enjoy this 35 minute hypnosis meditation on letting go and accepting sacred gifts from the four directions:
 These are the gift I received: see post.  What about you?