Easy Astro ~ 8*2*16

easy astro


roarNew Moon in Leo! Passions are high and lots of fiery feelings today with not only the Moon in Leo but the Sun and Venus!

Mars is finally out of Scorpio and moved into Sag! This is all about truth, justice and equality. You know how you feel about certain subjects, now stand in your truth! Just remember your truth might not be the same as someone else’s, so no pushing or shoving please with all this Fire energy going on!

Saturn is also in Sag and says, “We are here for a reason, you have a purpose and when you truly follow YOUR OWN path and believe all is possible, not just for yourself but for everyone, magick happens.”

innerchildToday represents fun, simplicity, nature and children. Get out there and spend some time with Mother Earth and your Inner Child. It’s also a great day to start something new as you will have a huge burst of Fire energy!

How are you going to celebrate the New Moon? Adventures, laughter, and trying something new are great ways to honor this phase of the Moon. We have a total of 6 planets, including the Sun and Moon in Fire Signs today!! Time to enjoy the Heat!!


Stones of the Day:

Citrine for happiness and energy if you’re loving the fire energy


Hematite if you need to calm down and can’t take the heat!

Herbs of the Day:


Lavender for calming or Lemon Grass for some spice in your life!
Eat Thai food! It’s filled with Lemon Grass.

Colors of the Day:
Reds and Yellows to celebrate the fire, or Blue if you need cooling off!




Always with Love, Kelly


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