August 1st ~ Lammas

Lammas is the midpoint between Litha/Summer Solstice and Mabon/Autumn Equinox.

It’s August now, meaning that the first harvest time is upon us – Lammas.  This is the time when the first fruits of our labor can be harvested.  What have you been doing so far this year?  What do you have to harvest?  Where can changes be made to put yourself where you want to be?


In order to properly discuss this time of year, we have to honor the past by taking into account how our ancestors did things.  According to, back in the day our ancestors had to work hard out in the fields during the year so harvesting the grain to make bread was a super big deal!  If they had to harvest early then they were considered a failure because they didn’t manage to make it the whole time.  Unlike today, when we run out of bread we simply pop over to the grocery store and purchase more.  It’s strange how far we have come from working hard in the fields to survive to working hard at our jobs to earn money to trade for goods and services we need to survive.  Personally, I’m working toward a more natural way of existence, but that discussion will be saved for a later time.  😉

harvestSo what does this mean for us today with our iPhones and Netflix and PS4s and modern conveniences?  Well, we can simply honor the energies of the season.  Surely there has been something: a craft, a task, a project at work, that you have slowly been toiling away at.  This is the time to consciously start reaping what you have sown. Or, you could take this opportunity to start something new.  That yoga practice or meditation regimen that you had been wanting to start but the timing wasn’t right… Yea, start that now.  You could dedicate yourself to reading those books sitting on your nightstand.  Whatever you decide to do, understand that this is to better your inner spirit, your inner Self. Choose something that will enrich your soul, that way you know that you’re working on your Self too, and that is always a fulfilling experience.  freetochoose

We are always talking about changing the world, right?  Why don’t we start with the world we are in, our own.  You will reap what you sow.  This we all know too well.  Let’s sow some seeds of a healthy, well taken care of, individualized part of consciousness… YOU!  By honoring the gods of the past and going back to a more natural way of life we are changing the fabric of reality and affecting all minds in the grid.  Because you did it, you open up the way for another.  Way to go you!  Changing the world and things!

Here’s to the time of Lammas, may we reap what we sow.  May we sow seeds of a fruitful nature to usher in a new way of life, understanding that all change starts inside each and every one of us.

Kisses, kittens.  I love you!  ❤ Bradley



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