~Kelly’s Easy Astro~ 6/29/16

easy astro


moonintaurusThe Moon moves into Taurus today so expect feelings of being more centered! Yay!!! Grounding will come more easily as will sticking to your to-do list or rather your everyday routine. Try to enjoy some delicious food today! My appetite has been really low lately, hopefully this Moon in Taurus will remind me of my favorite foods and enjoy eating them as well as enjoying all of our senses!! This moon is very sensual so sex, chocolate and bubble baths will be highly satisfying! Perhaps try all three at the same time!!


Mars goes direct today! This aspect can have us feeling more confident and certain overall in our lives. Conquering challenges will become easier! We are now pushed forward in life to speak more freely our truth, and communication with others will become more clear as long as you stay calm and avoid arguments. If anything: agree to disagree, listen to what the other has to say, speak your truth and then move on to another topic. Also, we can become easily frustrated if things aren’t moving fast enough for us, like the traffic etc. Breathe, just breathe…..


We have 3 planets in Cancer right now making us feel all the feels!!!! Being protective in a motherly way is very strong right now as well as staying close to home and the people you love, which works great with the Moon in Taurus which is also about staying home and enjoying all that you have!!!

We are so very fortunate for everything in our lives. Remember the simple things like clean water, food, a place to sleep at night are so very important and I am forever grateful to have these gifts in my life.



Crystal of the Day:


Septarian for connecting to the Earth and building our self confidence. Its also known as the Dragon Egg Stone.

Essential Oil of the Day:


Rose to connect to the Taurus Moon and indulge in our senses.

Quote of the Day:

Oscar Wilde, 1882. LEHTIKUVA / EVERETT COLLECTION / Jerry Tavin


Always with Love, Kelly

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