My initiation into the Sisterhood of the Rose

Sisterhood of the Rose

The Archangel Report visit for Sabina’s services and to read more
I have been working with psychic and spiritual therapist, Sabina @ The Archangel Report, for a couple years now.  Here are a few posts about past readings I’ve received.
This week, I received a DNA Healing and Initiation into the Sisterhood of the Rose from Sabina (and my husband, Greg, was initiated into the Brotherhood of the Rose).  I have always loves roses, and pruning and tending them when I’ve had the good fortune of living in a space with rose bushes.  I was very attracted to the sisterhood.  It involves a Skype session with Sabina.  I’ve done one Skype session with her before, and our energy tends to crash the connection!  I’ve also had the blessing of meeting Sabina in person last year at my birthday.
Red Rock

New Blueprints

Our astrology birth charts are a blueprint of the karma we chose to resolve in this incarnation.
“You are transcending Scorpio, healing past lives, traumas and fears, moving from the depths now upwards, the water bearer”
The Scorpion evolves to the Eagle.
Sabina has transcended her natal birth chart karma.
The New Matrix crystal I chose for her is Rough Diamond 10 Cancer.
Her natal crystal is Danburite for 8 Capricorn
My natal Sun Sign crystal is Lemurian Seed Crystal for 4 Scorpio.
The New Matrix crystal I chose for myself is the Lavendar Sapphire 27 Aquarius.


Aquarius – Winter colors – ice, water
nurturing others

The Temple of the Rose

Red at the center of the Temple of the Rose is blood spilled on mother earth
it is also a mix of all the roses. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Jesus and all the sisters
Jesus is symbolized by the red heart, red rose
Sabina is the White Rose, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Rose, and she was presented with a white rose crown with a red diamond surrounded with white diamonds and pearls.

Red becomes Pink

I’ve been afraid of red, afraid of passion, so I’ve been bringing white from above and softness into red, so it becomes pink. I’m transcending the fear of red. She saw a waterfall from root chakra to heart. She also said later that the root chakra color is changing from red to pink.
She had to leave for a minute to assist her young son, who is a Crystal child, and her son said “mommy, go back to your office and talk to the doctor” which she said means he acknowledged that I’m a healer.

DNA Healing

Part of the initiation is a DNA Healing.  After this, you are renewed.  No more excuses (from the past).  She also gave me some significant history of what happened before the fall of Atlantis in the Temple of the Sisterhood of the Rose, which I will keep private.


Name in Atlantis was Priestess Maria Sophia. I came from a Mediteranean country to Atlantis.

My etheric rose is Amethyst, my 3D rose color is lilac or lavendar.

New Earth Matrix, grid work, crystalline earth, diamond codes.
She said I am  from the 7th (and 6th) Ray:


regenerative, balancing, alignes with spirit within the body, peace of mind

Purple (representing mercy and transformation) sacral chakra
  • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy”

❤ Priestess Maria Sofia, aka Jane ❤


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