Summer Solstice ~ Love and Mercy

It’s been so long since I’ve shared anything with you, but today’s fiery energy feels like a literal kick in the pants! Today is extra special for many reasons…. it’s the Summer Solstice with a  Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on the last day the Sun is in Gemini! It feels quite auspicious to me, how about you? This morning I felt a more workable energy than I have in quite some time so I set up a Summer Solstice altar in my backyard and sat in contemplation of the energies that surround this holiday. It was time to pull a card for us and the very first card I’ve ever pulled from my vintage Hermetic Tarot did not disappoint! The card quite literally flew out of the deck. All I could do was laugh because in hindsight, there couldn’t have been any other card for today. The Lord of the Root of the Powers of Fire. Yes. Yes, please.



Lord of the Root of the Powers of Fire. Kether appears in Hebrew within the symbol of fire on the upper right. An angelic hand issues from the clouds grasping a flaming heavy club. The whole is a great flaming torch. Force. Strength. Rush. Vigor. Energy. Gain. ~ Hermetic Tarot Deck Booklet


A bit of information about the meaning of the Hebrew symbol Kether:

The sphere of Kether lies on the other side of the Abyss and thus is free from many of the adverse human manifestations. It can be looked at as being the ideal human society or form. Many writings portray this sphere as a divine, holy place that is indescribable, filled with angels and energy beings of light and love. This description is somewhat true, but Kether is a human place too filled with human forms. The angels and beings that are present here are from the realms beyond Kether. They interpenetrate the sphere to raise and teach the human spirit. They work directly with the souls that reside there, as those souls strive to shed the last of their human frailties.

As a source of information and knowledge, Kether is the place to go when you want to expand your awareness of the Universe and of things not yet known. It is the place to seek the ideal in an idea or in yourself. It is a place to visit when you want to experience an existence free of the lower human qualities like hatred, fear, desire, pain, and loneliness. It is a place to feel complete, and a place to complete one’s self.

The energy in Kether is very pure, as this is the first place that divine energy gets filtered through before passing through the Abyss, where it then takes on a polarity, and then flows into the other Sephira. Now understand that the energy in Kether is without polarity, which is why it is so pure. It has no alignment in either a positive or a negative direction, male or female, good or bad. It is raw energy that can be used for any purpose whatsoever. ~

This card is also known as the Ace of Wands:



aceofwandsAce of Wands – You are an enlightened being – KNOW it! Live your life to its fullest. KNOW what gives you energy and vitality and be passionate. Change and expand – see beyond the superficial, material reality. New activities are starting in your business and social affairs – the seed is within your heart. You will experience spiritual self-realization – awakening. You have been given the spirit to begin, the desire to want your ideas to grow and prosper, the first impulse and passionate will to begin a new job, a new way of life or a change in your career. Listen and trust your “Inner” Self now – do not rely on the advice of others. Mental strength will be provided through deep understanding and insight. A higher state of awareness teaches you humility, as you come to understand the “source” of your bursts of energy and begin to understand that ultimately, you have done nothing to deserve the optimism and greater energy that allows you to overwhelm other people.




So what does all this mean for us right now? At this moment we are at a crucial point where we have a choice. How will we wield our torch? Will we use it to destroy or to illuminate? There is so much potential for good right now – even in the midst of all the difficulty and pain we face, even with all the horrific news stories of killing and hatred. There is still goodness in the world. There are still possibilities. We can still create a better world. We just need a little bit of love and mercy. So be it. ❤



I was sittin’ in a crummy movie with my hands on my chin
Oh the violence that occurs seems like we never win

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was lyin’ in my room and the news came on T.V.
A lotta people out there hurtin’ and it really scares me

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

I was standin’ in a bar and watchin’ all the people there
Oh the lonliness in this world well it’s just not fair

Hey love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight

Love and mercy that’s what you need tonight
Love and mercy tonight

Love and mercy

~ Brian Wilson 


Blessings and Love,


~ Druyan


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