Full Strawberry Moon on the Solstice

full moon solstice





VenusQuincunxMars 7 days ago
NeptuneStationary Retrograde 6.8 days ago
VenusSquareChiron 6.7 days ago
SunSextileUranus 6.3 days ago
PlutoTrineNorth Node 5.8 days ago
SunQuincunxMars 5.4 days ago
SunSquareChiron 4.7 days ago
VenusSign IngressCancer 2.8 days ago
SaturnSquareNeptune 2.5 days ago
MarsQuincunxUranus 1.4 days ago
MercuryOppositionSaturn 10 mins ago

The Moon is full today at 29 degrees of Sagittarius on the Summer Solstice.

Which house is the full moon falling into within your chart?





“Key Word – Participation

Crystal – Green Sphene (Titanite)
Attributes – Green sphene promotes and increases your self control and integrity. It will aid you in times of opposition from others. It strengthens the immune system. Physically green sphene also helps with inflammation that won’t reduce. It is helpful for bronchitis, sinusitis and tooth infections.
Message – Be attentive and observant; contribute and experience.
Focus – You accomplish great things and make it look effortless; your activity promotes new ideas.
Affirmation – I contribute to the greater good.”

Favorite Sabbat Activities for Litha

  • Spend the day outdoors
  • Have a large fire at sunset
  • Put out seeds and treats for the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks
  • Tend the garden
  • Sabbat Foods: fresh seasonal garden and farm produce, white wine, fruit
  • Altar Addition: new candles
  • Theme for this season: nurturing and compassion
  • Essential oils: rose and coriander for caring
  • Color: burgundy
  • Special activities for the season:  plan quality outdoor activities with family and friends



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