Transits ~ Threshold of the Divine Mother

Divine Mother ~ Alex Polanco


-Sun/Venus in Gemini Sextile Uranus/Eris in Aries making a Yod to Mars Rx in Scorpio
-Moon in Scorpio on top of Mars at the Yod apex
-Jupiter/North Node in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn
-T-Square: Jupiter/North Node oppose Neptune/South Node in Pisces, all square to Saturn in Sagittarius
-Mercury flying fast in Gemini, beginning to pitch the fourth corner of a Grand Mutable Cross
-Venus to enter Cancer @ 3:39pm eastern


There are messages coming through loud and clear now, some may challenge your beliefs, others may be pointing to how you take action, or reaction, to what’s happening around you. Some messages may do both.

What patterns and habits in the way you take action need to fall away? What is no longer serving and supporting you? Are your actions supporting your suffering and your false story of victimization or do they support the new story of You, strong and sure and ready to move on with the rest of your story?

Figure it out and get right with yourself, now. No more dicking around. It’s time.
A sweet and nurturing energy is approaching, you are being led to the threshold of the Divine Mother. She is awaiting your arrival with arms open to receive you in an embrace meant to hold you in your healing until you are ready to emerge into the world with your fierce, strong and wild heart.

Stop hunting shadows and demons, it’s no longer your job to chase suffering. Chase your transformation. Chase your heart, Chase You!

The finger of God is literally pointing to the way you act to support your shadow side, not your light. This way of being needs to be released. This is the old way and the old way no longer stands.

Give in to sweet surrender. Close your eyes, open your heart and Trust.
You will not fall. You will not fail. You will fly 💕

Love and Light 💕




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