Easy Astro ~ Sun in Taurus

easy astro

Sun in Taurus

Art By Josephine Wall: http://www.josephinewall.co.uk

Happy Solar Returns to Taurus!! Time to slow down and really indulge in all our senses. Treat yourself to delicious foods, listen to your favorite music, watch live theatre, stop and smell the roses, have sensual sex or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket!

There’s no need to rush, everything will come to you at the right time. You may feel that there is no place like home for the next month and are happiest in your zen den.

This bull doesn’t take any bull so your sense of sniffing out the bull-shit will be heightened. Of course being stubborn and bull headed will be amplified as well. If it’s a topic you are really passionate about stick to your guns and believe in your own truth.

Art by Kersten Schoene: https://society6.com/kerstinschoene

Slow and steady wins the race with Taurus, so all those projects you have been working on, they will get done, eventually. Your to-do list will get done in due time. There’s no rush to get done first like there is with Aries. Taurus is naturally grounded as an Earth sign and is confident that everything will get finished exactly when the time is right.

Let us all take advantage of the Sun in Taurus and focus on everything it stands for. It will make your everyday lives easier as well as give you closure as to why you may be feeling these energies right now. Take your bull by the horns and enjoy the ride!


Stone for Taurus:


Emerald for abundance, growth, prosperity and Earthly energies.

Color for Taurus:


Green for the same as well as healing especially the Heart Chakra.

Essential Oil:

Eucalyptus for sinuses, sore throats and aching muscles (especially the  neck and shoulders which Taurus rules).



Coltsfoot, also known as Bullsfoot, for the horseshoe shaped leaves.
Used for coughs, colds and flu.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
nothing so gentle as real strength. – Sitting Bull sittingbull




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