Easy Astro ~ 04/19/16

easy astro

April 19th, 2016

Mars and Pluto Retrograde


When planets go retro, a lot of us feel worry and dread towards this occurrence. It’s understandable, especially with all the different web sites telling you the negative side to it, harping on what you shouldn’t do during this period of time. I’m going to lightly touch base on the negative connotations of these events, then focus on the positive aspects of Mars and Pluto going retro.

Mars going retro until June 28th. It can bring up hot tempers and arguments that no one will win in the end. You can assert yourself but if a fight starts my advice during this time is to just walk away, calm down and deal with it in another way. It is said that anything started during Mars retro won’t work out, as in a new job, a new relationship, a new home, etc. That doesn’t mean if you get the opportunity to do these things not to do them! Go for it anyway, time will tell if it will work out. Action may slow down or even stop when it comes to productivity and organization. You’re likely to feel a lack of energy and motivation. Rest is always good for us, so go with it! If you want to counter this, try exercising, drink lots of water and eat healthy whenever possible.

dancefreeAs with all retros, this is a time for re-thinking things and going over your plans, but I also feel it’s about RELEASING!! Release pent up anger in healthy ways like hitting a punching bag or some sweaty activity-like sex or dancing!!! This is a great time to release your inner passions and desires and just have fun!

Pluto goes retro ’til September 25th, so that is the whole summer! What’s so interesting about Pluto is that it represents our shadow sides and the underworld, so when it goes retro we actually have more control over temptations and dark thoughts/actions because we easily recognize these things as they come to a head and can act accordingly. This is a time when we see things we don’t like about ourselves and make positive changes for our greater good which is exactly what Pluto stands for: Transformation. We can get closure with our past and move forward. It also gives us the chance to face our fears and over come them. Overall, Pluto retro should have a positive effect on you!!




Let us use these retros for good and come out of them a stronger, healthier being than we were before!

❤ Love Always, Kelly




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