Gifts of the 12th House

Isolation, secrets, the subconscious mind, they all represent the 12th house and have been a common theme in my life. I have my Moon and Neptune in the 12th house. With these placements my soul tends to hide out in my subconscious, and sometimes the only way for me to reach it is by doing dream work. Once I’m in my dream state or living in my other world, everything comes to life. My emotions, my actions and my choices become highly elevated and seem more real than actual 3D reality.  I work very hard in this “dream world” as I have exceptional healing techniques that I can only use in the subconscious realms. I’m very powerful there, in a benevolent way and actually feel my emotions strongly, rather than in my 3D life where I feel almost numb to them.
Another way to reach my soul, as it hides out in the 12th house with my Moon, is through creative expression of every kind. No wonder when I’m doing theatre I feel right at home. When I sing and dance on stage, I am sharing my soul with others as well as connecting to it for myself. Nothing in the world compares to the feelings I feel when I get to perform. Not only do I get to heal myself but I’m healing others at the same time. My whole life has been based around music, theatre, singing and dancing; now I know why, because that’s where my soul lives.

I also have Neptune in the 12th house which is its ruling planet. This placement has me reaching rock bottom before I make any changes in my life. It happens to me over and over again, like a vicious cycle I have yet to break. I recognize this as one of my life lessons, as it may take my whole life to remedy the tough situations I put myself through.  Neptune brings out the best and worst of the 12th house. Self-victimization and disassociation have made themselves my best friends without asking for my consent first.

On a lighter note, “This can also be the most transcendental, inspirational 12th House planet of all. These people are highly gifted on psychic and creative levels. Their potential to heal and bless the world and themselves is enormous. But, their Neptune needs to be owned first.”  Astrology Arena


Either way, I accept these planetary 12th house placements with arms wide open
and am so grateful for the lessons they are teaching me.


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