Routine Versus Ritual

Yesterday I came across this brilliant piece about the difference between Routine vs. Ritual by my dear siStar, April. Since the concept of using ritual in ways that have broader reaching, more positive benefits has been on my mind, this resonated deeply within me and I asked her if I may share it. Enjoy!  ❤ Druyan



I did an April New Moon ceremony with some friends where we set new intentions. I suppose it could also be called a ritual. Wow! How incredibly powerful these ceremonies can be. I am amazed. I have been enjoying being comfortable with where I’m at on my journey of life for the last few years. After a long road of hard work I needed to enjoy the fruits of my labors for a time.

Today, there is a stirring, a calling to go somewhere new on this journey. There is a deep rustling for change on a spiritual, deeper level. It started a few months back with a new ritual of hot lemon water first thing every morning. Yuck!! Bitter and obnoxious; it’s not at all what I wanted to drink. Gimme coffee, NOW!! I knew the health benefits (skin, liver, digestion) and forced myself to keep drinking.

It’s been over 2 months now and this everyday drink has become effortless. Now when I am out of lemons in the morning I can’t deny the strong desire to have it!! This may sound like something small, but bear with me. Next to my morning ritual I added a sardines + avocado breakfast. MAJOR YUCK!! I couldn’t believe I was forcing myself to eat such a fishy rancid flavor first thing in the morning. A friend turned me on to all the health benefits (tons of B12) of sardines so out of a desire to care for my body and give it more energy I stuck with it. Now- I love my fisherman’s breakfast! 😀


The most recent addition to the morning ritual was a 15 min. meditation. Not guided as I had sometimes done, but a silent meditation focused on the breath. I have been a fan of meditation in the past but it’s always been done sporadically. It was annoying to have to build this time into my morning. As an avid snooze-buttoner it meant less time sleeping in. Yet the difference in long-term effect of consistent every day meditation is incredible.

As a person who always resisted the idea of daily routine for the oh-so-dreaded fear of complacency and boredom, I am honestly now an avid believer in daily ritual. Because when I call it a ritual, it feels better. What’s the difference between routine and ritual?

“Routine aims to make the chaos of everyday life more containable and controllable, ritual aims to imbue the mundane with an element of the magical.”
“A ritual is deliberate and ceremonial, usually done with reverence and respect.”

There is no thinking in habitual behavior. There are many habits that are bad. The old habit of grabbing a coffee first thing out of bed was simply just satisfaction of a craving and habit that did not have a deliberate, thought out, benefiting intention behind it. It was a habit. Lemon water, sardines, and meditation…..that’s a ritual. And if what seemed uncomfortable at first, became effortless in these small things…. Somewhere, somehow the subconscious is gonna start understanding how this works on a larger scale.


One small step at a time. I have a hunch that by building on these daily rituals, one by one a new way of life will unfold. With each added step a more intentional bigger life change will ensue. I love hearing all your stories of growth and change and wanted to share. Maybe some of you have already had this revelation, but thanks for providing a space for me to share. I could have never realized how lemon water and sardines could kick start a much wider, richer path of growing. It’s too early to know for sure, but I’m seeing the potential and its exhilarating!!

XOXOXOX  ~ April



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