Control VS Surrender

Control-Freak-2Last week Ms Jade Wolfwriter brought up something I have been having a HUGE internal struggle with lately, a big part of the reason my writing has stalled, and that is the balance between control and surrender. Specifically, in the context of manifestation. On the one hand, why shouldn’t we direct our own lives, they are ours, right? Aren’t we here to manifest? But on the other, what if there is a BIGGER plan we can’t see and our attempts at self-directing are leading us away from better things that could be in store for us if we just let go of control? What if MY WAY isn’t the way I’m supposed to be going? In some situations control is obviously good, like learning self-control and not giving in to the whims of our emotions by engaging in negative behaviors. What I’m talking about is Bigger Plan stuff, a kind of directed surrender, if you will.

The area where this has been most conflicting for me is ritual. I love ritual. I really, really do. There is something so beautiful and connecting about it. Over the past few weeks I have been mulling over how to engage in ritual and surrender at the same time. How can we manifest our Higher Purpose if our selfish wants are in the way? I have come to believe that giving in and going in the direction of our destiny just may be better for us in the long run. I’m tired of being a damn Salmon. But how can engaging in ritual possibly fit into this idea of surrendering? The whole point of ritual is to direct our personal energy towards an outcome we desire. Kind of the opposite of surrender, right?


The solution I have come up with is surprisingly simple: Focus on the situation instead of the outcome. In life sometimes the most difficult situations lend us the most valuable lessons. We can accept the lesson by surrendering to it or fight it and wear ourselves out in the process.  Or we can chose to go around the lesson altogether and never grow. But I want to grow. In order do that I realize I must take the challenges that life hands me and trust there is a reason for them. Give up trying to control the details and accept what IS. I must accept the circumstances of my life as if I chose them myself. Maybe I could ask for the strength to endure a difficult situation rather than to ask for it to go away. Or I could ask to be shown the deeper reasons why I’m having a financial issue rather than asking for money. Or completely give in and ask for whatever The Universe/Source/God/dess has in store for my life, the grace to accept it completely, and the wisdom to see the steps I must take…


I can flail around and sink or let go and float. I choose to float. So Be It.




❤ Druyan



feetsIn directing our own lives it is important to remember that we have our human minds and our human emotions and our human”-ness” to contend with. Humans, on average, don’t think ahead and we can’t see more than 2 inches in front of our faces. How could we, whether looking for more money, or power, or fame, or a bigger house, or a better job, or even a good feeling, a relationship, partner – whatever it is… how could we possibly see past this one lifetime of infinite lifetimes?

We want what we want NOW, often regardless of the overall cost to the environment, in-vironment, others, and whatnot. When we are directing our own steps it is important not to let this selfish part of us do the directing. There is a Higher Thought-form. One that looks and sees beyond this individual lifetime, one that Looks and Sees All. When we are doing the directing through the choices we make let us tune into the best part of us, our Highest Self, the one that can make the best decisions. We can align our thoughts with this THOUGHT. Let us align ourselves to this Greater Direction and set our moral compass to whatever adheres to it.

Why would we want to set a compass to something that isn’t even real, something that won’t stand the test of time? Even the Colosseum crumbled and there is no evidence of the Tower of Babel. Find what is True and Real in this life… and do that. Find out how to serve the one True Thought and align your every action, thought, idea, mannerism with IT… mold yourself into its shape. When you look through the lens of your Highest Self, greater things can be Seen, can be Known. What is most important for Nature?? What benefits all Mankind?? What decision will bring me to where I need to be?? HigherSelf

“OOH! I really want that doughnut. I’m going to eat it. **eats doughnut** Now I feel like crap. Everything is bad.”


“OOH! I really want that doughnut. But I really want to feel good about the choices that I make and have my body feel good so I’m not going to eat that doughnut… Even though I really want to. I guess I don’t ACTUALLY really want to eat that. What I TRULY want is to feel good and not feel bad no matter what that tastes like.” **walks away beaming sunshine**

Can you see the difference in thought?? It’s that simple. One is human the other comes from a Higher Place. When making decisions, make them from this Higher Place, using this Higher Thought That Sees All.

So let go of the life you think you want to lead. And align your thoughts, your steps, your actions –  all of you –  to the life that your Highest Self has for you. In the letting go, we find that nothing is actually lost. But rather, there is so much more to gain!



❤ Bradley




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