Kelly’s Easy Astro ~ 04/03/16

easy astro

April 3rd, 2016

Moon Void of Course in Pisces. During the void things usually don’t go as planned. You may find that you hit a roadblock in your creativity or your creative ideas might not come out the way you want them to. Don’t get frustrated, just blame it on the void.

It’s a great day for Spiritual matters so get out those cards, stones, etc. and connect with the Universe. Your intuition is strong today and you may come across some great information in your meditation or card reading.


If you feel you need to be productive try something that doesn’t require too much focus like washing dishes or laundry. Do something mindlessly physical to keep you active, interpretive dance is great for this, especially with the void in Pisces, which rules the feet.

Remember we are still in the go with the flow energy and may feel extremely emotional. All the feels are very strong right now. Cry it out with some music or a movie. I find when I do “the ugly cry” I feel a lot better!

ugly cry face


Crystal of the Day:


Amethyst for connecting to the Spirit Realm.

Color of the Day:

In Purple by Andry122 |

Purple for the same.

Essential Oil of the Day:

Lavender to calm all our feels down.

Herb of the Day:


Chives which are very beneficial in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

When you spend your life in a creative mode all the time, mindless leaf blowing can be a welcome break.  – Art Wolfe




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