Kelly’s Easy Astro ~ 04/02/16

easy astro

April 2nd, 2016

With the Moon in Aquarius, we may feel our emotions lifting a little. And I definitely mean “a little” since there is still so much Fire energy out there that we may feel irritable and have trouble connecting with others even though we want to. Try to just let go and have fun without schedules or worrying about emotional attachments to people.

There is also an urgency going on, a feeling of wanting change and wanting it now without doing the work it requires. Baby steps. Use all that Fire energy we have going on now. Take things day by day and slowly work towards your goal. Be proud of yourself!! Look at all you changed for good already!


When it comes to love, boundaries can be crossed and falling victim to our heart’s desire is almost impossible to escape as we try to turn our fantasies into realities. Yes, it is a time for passion, forgiveness, and seduction but love affairs can be elusive right now: the minute you think you know the answers the questions change.

On this Saturday, I suggest you use this Aquarian Moon and lighten up, have fun and laugh A LOT if you feel like you’re being weighed down by heavy energies.





Stones of the Day:

Turquoise for help with communication and your throat chakra, or go a little deeper in color with Sapphire to speak your truth.


Essential Oil of the Day:

Geranium Pelargonium Flowers

Geranium for balancing emotions.

Herb of the Day:


Basil is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, also great for the sinuses.

Color of the Day:


 Blue for your own truth as well as finding peace and tranquility within.




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