Happy Ostara/Equinox!


natural dye eggs


Ostara is one of the 8 Sabbats, comprising the “Wheel of the Year” and dividing the pagan seasons.  Ostara is the German maiden Goddess of Spring. Ostara also comes from the name of the Triple Goddess, Eostre, maiden-mother-crone.  She is also Persephone at the time of year when she reunites with Demeter, marking her 6 month return from the underworld that Demeter negotiated with Hades.  (more lore)

Setting Up Your Ostara Altar




“The name equinox means “equal night” in Latin. It’s theoretically the day of the year when all points on the earth’s surface experience the same lengths of daylight and darkness – 12 hours of each. ” source

gemstones for Ostara


We are between two eclipses this month, with the next one in three days, being a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees of Libra.
March Lunations
The Sun also enters ARIES today! (further breaking up the stellium we had in Pisces)
sun aries.jpg

jane light codes equinox

Equinox Solar Light Codes, Jane


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