My Human Design “Not Self”

I posted on the Human Design “Not Self” concept earlier (here).  Honestly, I mostly posted it to learn the concepts myself so I can teach them.  But here’s my own Human Design Body Graph Rave chart and example of what it means for me, as an example of how to look at your own.

So I’m a 3/5 non-emotional Manifesting Generator, with DEFINED Head, Ajna, Throat, G, Spleen and Sacral (Authority), and UNDEFINED Heart, Solar Plexus and Root.  But what does that mean?

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DEFINED Head, Ajna, Throat, G, Spleen and Sacral (Authority)

UNDEFINED Heart, Solar Plexus and Root

My Head is Defined, which automatically means my Ajna must also be Defined. I do feel a pressure to think, all the time. It can turn into anxiety, though I think I get anxiety from my open Solar Plexus as well. I definitely can become impatient to find knowledge and miss being quiet enough to receive true inspiration at times. I very much want to share my thinking with others. I am encouraged that it is suggested that one turn their mental pressure outwards in the form of being inspirational to others, particularly by following the right timing. I am also becoming very aware that people often do not want to hear my thoughts or they can feel intruded upon if they have OPEN/UNDEFINED Heads. So I’m needing to be respectful of the energy of my Head and Ajna I influence others with here. It also means I am not that open to influence from others.

My Head and Ajna are a unit unto themselves. They are not connected to my Throat, making me a Split Definition. I need the 23 in the Ajna to bridge that split. The rest of my defined centers make a second unit.

My Defined Ajna means I have a stable way of thinking and conceptualizing. Unfortunately, that can mean the I just run on a loop at times, without realizing I can take a break or it’s getting me nowhere. I do enjoy feeling confident in my mind however. Again, I am not that open to changing my manner of thinking due to the influence of another person.

I have a Defined Throat and it is connected to my Sacral Motor and Authority, which is what makes me a Manifesting Generator. A Defined Throat means having a set way of speaking, acting and creating. When in the Not Self, I can talk too much and do too much. I am more likely to do too much than say too much. I can be extremely quiet, or if it’s a close friend and a good topic, I can say quite a bit. To be in the True Self, I need to only be Manifesting what came from my Splenic information to my Sacral Response, and after tasting it.

My Defined G (or Self) center can become Not Self if decisions about love, direction and identity come from my mind, instead of my Sacral Authority. So I THINK they are right for me, but they actually aren’t, or the timing isn’t. When I am guided by my authority, I can feel confident in the direction I take and also comfort others in any groups I am in, that we are going in the right direction too.

*SMG Contributors, my Defined G is at work now!

The Not Self of my Defined Spleen has to do with ignoring my own intuition and instincts, instead being influenced or overwhelmed by my Mind or other people’s. This can lead to unnecessary fears. To be true to my self, I need to tune into my Splenic awareness, which is similar to my Sacral, being body level guidance or “knowing” and security.

My DEFINED Sacral is my Authority which means I am an energy being. I know that I am supposed to limit my projects and action to things that receive an approval sound from my gut, but despite knowing this for nearly 10 years, I must confess I over-ride this on a regular basis. And then I overcommit myself and exhaust myself in the wrong manner. I am also initiating rather than responding, which only leads to frustration.

Now onto my 3 UNDEFINED centers. My Heart/Ego/Will center’s lack of definition causes me to again and again feel that I have to prove myself – to myself and to others. I have definitely undervalued my services and undercharged at times, and have trouble asking for payment. And it is true that I have a tendency to overspend. I often find myself promising to get info. to clients, and usually I do, but sometimes I forget.

So I shouldn’t be making those promises. I shouldn’t be trying to prove anything, there’s nothing to prove. And I need to charge what I’m worth and expect payment.

But I will forget and relearn this over and over.

My Solar Plexus is UNDEFINED contributes to my being an empath, but it isn’t always comfortable at all. I need to be in my own element and space often, to reset. I do have an issue with being touchy and nervous, picking up on so much from other people’s energy. Also, this NOT SELF has to do with avoiding confrontation, as a defense mechanism. I am so averse of dealing with other people’s upset feelings, that I don’t even realize how much I am avoiding.

My UNDEFINED Root causes me to take in a lot of stress that isn’t my own. Now of the two, I choose to avoid adrenaline. I do not like roller coasters or other such “thrills.” I think I have burned out my adrenals from PTSD. I do get very impatient, and realize this is from not protecting myself here. I suppose I do hurry sometimes, not always. There are times though that I enjoy not rushing, such as on the freeway.




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