The World Between Eclipses


We are in an extremely fated moment in time, the magical world between Eclipses. Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse opened the portal for us to step into this realm of no-man’s land in between. With Pisces as the gatekeeper of this sacred space we have been thrust into deep, spiritual depths.

Today you may feel as if you are lost in a Hall of Mirrors with Mercury conjunct Neptune and The Sun conjunct both Chiron and the South Node.
Neptune is weaving a magical illusion over our minds, blurring the edges of reality. Relax and surrender into this, overthinking is not on the menu, be wary of this lest you miss a Divine message meant to guide you on your healing.
As you travel through this Hall of Mirrors do not get distracted by the many versions of You that you shall see reflected back to you. Perhaps some of them were you, but you are no longer them, You are You. Here and Now. Healing your reality. Becoming the You that you were meant to be.
Some of these reflections may be painful, the Sun on Chiron is illuminating your deep wounds through these reflections. But you are not your reflection, your wounds no longer serve you. To heal them you must not partake in the pain anymore, rather drink from the beauty of the hard won strength your past has delivered to you. Drink the beauty in deep, it is a healing nectar. And then move on. You are not lost, the true reflection of you will be shown to you, for once the Sun has illuminated the wounds of Chiron the Sun will then conjunct the South Node, the truth of what must be left behind will be clear. Your path shall be revealed and love will be the torch in the darkness. Love will light your way.

Light and Love 💕
Meghan Lynn


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