Healing Eclipse

What a beautiful, unique and healing Total Solar Eclipse we have tonight in the mystical sign of Pisces!

With Chiron and the South Node conjuncting this magical alignment we are facing the ultimate letting go and release of all that does not serve our purpose and our growth.
Say goodbye to the old wounds you’ve carried along with you. They are not old friends, you do not owe them pomp or circumstance. You owe it to yourself to be healed. To be free. Send those fears packing. Bury them in an unmarked grave if you must. Let them lie.
The opposition in Virgo will hand you the shovel…

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are challenging you to step beyond yourself and into this fated portal between Eclipses with open arms and open hearts. Embrace your destiny by healing your reality. You chose this time, you chose your healing. You know suffering was not meant for you. The healing is beautiful. You are beautiful. We all are, and we all are healing together.
Light and Love 💕

Meghan Lynn, Light and Love Astrology


meghanMeghan is new to the online scene, but she has been studying both Astrology and Tarot since she was 12 years old! She combines intuitive, heart based channeling to her Astrology and Tarot practice to deliver unique and loving messages meant to guide and inspire. Meghan also dabbles with Numerology, Syncretism, and Hermetic Philosophy. Recently having discovered her Star Seed origins, she knew it was time to start sharing her words and vision with like minded souls. She cannot wait to delve into this new and fascinating topic with her new-long lost Star Seed friends! 




5 thoughts on “Healing Eclipse

  1. Thank you, Meghan, for sharing your insights for healing. My birthdate, March 5th, 1945, has me fascinated that in the southern hemisphere where we are today, this welcome healing message comes to all of us humans. Rob, (my husband of 47 years) and I are travelling back to our home city of Ottawa, Canada, today. Much love and light is sent to you this morning from me. xoxo Tilly http://www.tillydunn.com.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, I’m so glad my message touched you. Best wishes on your journey both spiritual and physical! Love and Light to you Tilly, to Ottawa from Nova Scotia! 😉 💕


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