Silent Awareness

Silent Awareness’ Flow Journey

Laticia Carter ~ aka Silent Awareness


A few months ago I became aware of a beautiful form of movement art called Buugeng, also sometimes called “Spinning”:

buugengBuugeng and S-Staffs involves the spinning and manipulation of one or more S shaped objects. The art of S-Staff borrows many moves from traditional staffs spinning with the addition of the curved S shape to create an optical illusion known as the “visual kaleidoscope”.

The first recorded appearance of the S Shaped Staff is on the PBS special, “Moschen in Motion” (1991) with Michael Moschen. Moschen is an innovative juggler who has worked with Cirque du Soleil, won the MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant”, and was the contact juggler behind David Bowie’s amazing performance in the film Labyrinth (1986). Since the s-staff shares many characteristics with the Double Deer Horn of Chinese martial arts, it is believed to be one of Moschen’s inspirations for the shape and early manipulation techniques.

Dai Zaobab (real name Dai Murata), a well known Japanese entertainer, first coined the term Buugeng after after seeing Moschen in Motion in 2001, taking and adapting Moschen’s S-shaped staffs. The name derives from Buu (Martial Arts)-Geng (Illusion) in Japanese. –


I was hooked. The movements were so hypnotic, relaxing, and soothing – it all made sense when I later found out that the artist that I was watching utilized it as a form of self-therapy for anxiety and depression. I really value the candor and vulnerability that Laticia, aka Silent Awareness, has shared as she exposes her Self along with her art. One of her main focuses besides her own self-expression is to inspire others, to light the fire in others, to encourage us all to share what we do with the world!

Please check out her Facebook page to see this beautiful art-form for yourself! She has many videos uploaded on her page. She also has a gofundme account if you wish to support her on her journey through a donation.

Please take the time to show Laticia some support, whether through a kind word or contribution.



Join me on my journey towards growth, spirituality and mastering my craft.
I appreciate you. #silentawareness


Thank you, Laticia, for sharing the deepest parts of yourself, for allowing the beauty of vulnerability to be translated into movement. In motion, you are grace personified.



❤ Druyan


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