Tarot by Seven ~ Bernie Sanders Deck


They say isn’t “socially appropriate” to discuss politics, but this is a pivotal time for our country so I’m going out on a limb to say….. I am feeling the Bern. I LOVE BERNIE SANDERS!


This is a time where we have the power to choose LOVE (Bernie) over HATE (Trump).

In honor of this important time, I want to share one of THE most most amazing things I have come across all year….

One of my favorite Tarot readers and deck creators, Seven Stars of Tarot by Seven, has made a playing deck featuring Bernie!!! ❤ All proceeds go to his campaign, please check these out and give your support to Seven… and, of course,  Bernie!



seven starsAnd now for something COMPLETELY different…….I made some Bernie Sanders playing cards – these aren’t Tarot cards, they’re regular playing cards.

So I was waiting in line to see Bernie…..for five hours….thinking, man, this is really boring, it’s too bad I didn’t bring a deck of cards or something. How many selfies can you take waiting in the same spot in line?

I made these original designs thinking maybe some of you guys might like a little Bernie memorabilia or for something to do next time YOU are waiting to see him speak. He’s always saying the deck is stacked, so, I’m calling these UNSTACK THE DECK cards.

Proceeds (minus costs) will be sent to Bernie to help him win this election!!!




Purchase deck HERE.




❤ Druyan


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