Musings on Ascension

ascensionImagine a boiling pot of water…
Once you pop through the portal and make it to a higher dimension, that means that you are now the lowest vibrating entity there. It feels heavy and you feel low. Once you get your bearings, you start to vibrate higher and you get happier as you go up until you burst through another portal and then the cycle starts over again.

Allowing the Self to grieve for the life that it cannot live anymore is key. It’s alright to cry and be upset and be ridiculous. As long as we pull it together shortly. We are ascending after all.

Development of all three of aspects of the body is imperative:
Body/Mind/Spirit. When one gets over-developed, then it throws the whole thing off balance and it inhibits your progression. Sure, read. But then change your diet and lifestyle. Sure, change your diet. But then meditate and develop your spirit. It reminds me of the folks that scale ice mountains. They have picks for their hands and they have picks on their feet. They cannot move in any direction unless they advance all parts.

The best way to deal with this is to attend to the mind, body, spirit complex. Take care of the body like a small child. Understand that the spirit needs time to adjust. Fill your brain with worthwhile Knowledge that sustains and fills… Not garbage. Remember this Ascension process is not to be taken lightly. This is Real and True. The Truest story ever told. Take better care, feel better. No excuses.

Part of the practice is doing… Living. It’s nice to have all of this Knowledge in your brain but what are you going to do with it?? Still treat others with cruelty?? Still enslave and kill animals for some sick craving?? Or will you move the Knowledge into your heart chakra?!?

heartchakraWhen we consciously meditate and imagine pulling the Knowledge from our crown/third eye into our heart chakra, then we start to act the part. We naturally act and move through this new found energy center.

Everything we touch turns to proverbial gold. Love shines through us as we start to live the Truth. We become softer, gentler, lovelier. Then others will take notice of our Ascension and they are attracted to the light.

If we don’t take care of the Self then we get stuck in a loop of despair and fear. Relax and allow. Allow and relax.

I love you.



*For more great information on the Ascension process and how to cope:


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