Imbolc~Candlemas~St Brigid

Somewhere in the first 2 days of February (some say the first, some the second) marks the midway between Winter and Spring. It’s a time to remember that *spark* that remains no matter how chilly things get. Literally and metaphorically. 😉


Art by: Jaine Rose


It is a time to honor the Sacred Feminine as the energies within the seeds begin to stir, we prepare for more fertile times. We are also reminded to take advantage of our remaining time in the Winter Season:


snowflakeSeasonal Energy: Winter

The energy of winter is considered feminine and receptive. It is the season for healing, cleansing, and ceremony. Winter’s tranquil energy is supportive of recovering from the hard work of the prior, more active months. It is the time to clear out stagnant or negative thoughts, ideas, projects, and energy. It is a great occasion to perform cleansing rituals, as well as participate in ceremonies celebrating the year, your accomplishments, family, and friends.


sacred feminineSacred Feminine

Imbolc or Candlemas is a great day to honor the Sacred Feminine. It can be done in a traditional way, like burning candles and offering flowers at a shrine in Her honor. This date also coincides with the feast of St. Brigit, a Irish Catholic nun whose life work was to tend to women’s health, particularly in childbirth. What better way, then, to honor this special day by volunteering or making a donation to your local women’s shelter.



Haindl Tarot
Daughter of Cups (Brigid of Treland)

Brigid was a goddess of the Celts. When she was made a Saint by Christian Ireland, she became patron of livestock and produce, as well as of poetry, prophesy and divination.

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~ Druyan

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