Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn


Venus kept floating into my peripherals and I finally decided to turn and find out why…. Natally, I have Venus in Capricorn. Guess where Venus is transiting? Yup. Hello Seagoat! However, she is still early in this sign and my Venus is in the very last degree of Capricorn…. capricorn5


Anaretic Degree:

These planets will always have a special emphasis, and it will not always be negative. Instead it may be an “edgy” feeling, or a sense of transition; the word anaretic is associated with the idea of death. Rather than being negative, it’s a place in the chart that the querent keeps coming back to, whether seeking resolution or working out a persistent issue that calls for attention.

Venus is a fast mover though, and I will be having my Venus return right smack on my Ascendant in a little under 3 weeks…. This told me just about all I needed to know about why she kept tapping me on the shoulder! Let’s just say she has my full attention. Beyond my impending Venus return, she is also making an aspect to Neptune in Pisces (my Sun sign) tomorrow. I am very curious to see how this all plays out.

In the meantime, I want to share with you a beautiful Venusian Prayer by the lovely KT King.

The day she shared this was the climax of Venus trying to get my attention! It seemed she was literally everywhere I turned….


Venus Prayer


Great Benevolent Beings Of Light, I am your vessel here on Earth.

Through me, let the holy waters flow.

May I become a Grail Knight in which the Love of Venus walks the Earth.

May we come together in this holy place where the healing waters flow.

In balance and in harmony, my heart opens, as a Rose, to hold within its petals and its thorns, the boundless compassion of the Triple Goddess of Earth, Venus & Moon.

Together may we spread the everlasting Light far into the Universe and all be blessed by your unconditional Love.


A dear friend of mine also sent me the link to this podcast on the same day I saw KT’s prayer.

Venus Unplugged Llorraine Neithardt

venusunpluggedLlorraine Neithardt is an internationally recognized Jungian-inspired cultural visionary in private practice for 29 years. In this series she speaks extemporaneously on the archetypal theme of VENUS, creating a virtual Heartbreak Hotel – a place where the wounded heart finds inspiration to accept the task of becoming a wise heart. “I have come to drag you out of your yourself and take you into my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky.” Rumi


Though typically ethereal in nature, when Venus is in Capricorn she takes on a very practical vibe; she wants us to be realistic, responsible, and present:

There’s no wiggle room with this transit. The time for meandering and indulgence has passed. Capricorn demands focus, accountability, and maturity. Be responsible for Venus issues in your life. Get real about what you have and what you want. Who has authority over your relationships and resources? Who has the final say about what’s best for you? Obviously, the preferred answer is “you” but in many cases, you’ll discover that someone else is calling the shots. This transit is about facing such realities, and finding a way to get the ball back to your court… Venus in Capricorn is about loving the limits. When things don’t come easily, when you must use supreme focus and work within your existing reality, a fine-edged beauty emerges. All the nonessentials are cut out, and what’s left becomes precious.


Let us heed the call of Venus in Capricorn and chisel away at the excess stone that is both weighing us down and obscuring our inner diamonds.


Find your natal Venus placement here to explore more personally what this transit means for you.




~ Druyan



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