Elemental Interview ~ Nicole Ford

unicornGuided Unicorn Meditation for Kids. Yes, you read that right! (and perhaps you’ve already seen it here on SMG!) Does it get any more magical? This has to be one of the most interesting meditations I’ve ever come across and I love that it’s geared towards children, including the Inner Child. I wanted to share this again today because this Full Moon weekend is quite intense, and this is a great way to relax for yourself, or your little ones that are having a hard time settling with these energies.

Read more about this Meditation and get the link here:


It was put together by therapist Nicole Ford:

Part of my work with children is to help them connect with their own inner resources. Children are quite adept at connecting to magical and imaginative ideas and resources that can help them cope with challenges at school, home, or internally. This meditation helps children learn how to relax their bodies while connecting to a resource that will help them feel supported and loved. This meditation is good to use anytime – winding down after an exciting day, for fun, or to relax before bed. This specific meditation was inspired by a friend’s lovely daughter who reminds us all to believe in fairies, mermaids, and of course, unicorns.


Of course, I had to ask her to do the Elemental Interview.

Unicorn Meditation… I know. ❤


~Elemental Interview~


Earth: What do you do to ground yourself & maintain balance?

To ground myself and maintain balance I take a salt bath almost nightly. There I can think, read, relax, and receive. I get all of my good ideas and intuitions in the tub! I also generally eat really healthy and try to get a lot of laughter into my day. I also find the more time I have in nature the better I feel. Some nights I like to come home from work and pet the dog and hang out on the couch with my boyfriend watching something completely mindless on Netflix.


Air: How do you engage or feed your imagination/intellect?

It is hard for me to shut my imagination off and I am always analyzing and seeking to learn more. I am a perpetual student and many things spark my interest. I am really lucky to have the privilege to be a child therapist, so I get to spend my days hanging out in the magical space of imagination. Being around kids helps me stay in touch with magic. I also love good books for that. Garcia Marquez or Tom Robbins. And of course being in that relaxed space where you aren’t trying to come up with anything (hello bath!) or force ideas is really helpful. Places like the shower or walking can birth grand ideas.


Fire: What motivates you to keep going, what inspires you?

What motivates me? Keeps me going? I’m a Leo. I got lotsa passion for lotsa things. But that passion/joy/excitement must be behind something or I just can’t bring myself to do it. Other people really motivate me. I try to always ask myself, “how can I be of service.” And just follow whatever guidance I am given. Other people really inspire me. Things I read, stories about underdogs, the stars, art, films, clouds, you name it. It moves me.


Water: What do you love, what engages your intuitive side?

What do I love? Ah. Everything. Especially people, Jay-my bf, the moon, the ocean, the sky, music, travel, reading, spirit, the universe, and Mt. Rainier. All of these things engage my intuitive side. Being in alignment with the universe engages my intuition.



Spirit: What is your personal, spiritual practice. What makes you feel connected to Spirit?

What is my personal spiritual practice? Love. Plain and simple. Striving for unconditional love of myself and unconditional love of others. When I am in the vibration of love and joy I am in God’s vibration. Nature also makes me feel very connected to spirit.



nicoleford2Nicole Ford is a heart centered mental health therapist working in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. She has a deep passion for helping people get in touch with their wellspring of gifts and strengths so they can step into their true purpose and be of service to the world. Nicole earned her masters degree in social work (MSW) from Portland State University. Nicole has experience in Trauma Therapy, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness Practice, Play Therapy, and EMDR. She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups. She is a lover of life and cultivator of happiness joy.





Thank you Nicole for bringing that childlike wonder back to us, no matter our biological age. ❤



~ Druyan


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