Wolf Moon ~ 2016


Digital Art by Maril Smith


Full “Wolf” Moon ~ January 23, 2016


For many years my main Spirit Animal was a small grey Cat. That all changed less than two weeks ago when I tried the Guided Meditation to Receive Sacred Gifts Jane put together for us:

4 dir


(download file to listen to this magickal meditation)

 The final direction this particular meditation settled on was the West, which represents what you’re ready to release, what you are to let go of. At this point, I watched as the small grey Cat I had been so deeply connected to slinked off into the direction of the westing Sun. In her place a beautiful female Wolf appeared. I held my breath as I waited to see what she had for me. She presented me with the gift of courage in the form of a beaker-like container filled with a blood red potion…. I was instructed to utilize it to transform my fear into action. It is so hard to even describe the feelings that filled me in this moment. Gratitude mixed with awe… a peaceful strength, and humility at this gift bestowed upon me. I am so curious to see what else she has in store for me this year!

It wasn’t until a few days ago that it dawned on me that this upcoming January Full Moon was named the Wolf Moon. Let us celebrate the fearless freedom & passion of this Full Wolf Moon in Leo!!!


KEYNOTE: The will to meet the challenge of age in terms of our modern society’s glorification of youth.

While the original reading of the symbol over fifty years ago spoke of the mature woman having dared to bob her hair, today a similar kind of rebellion against aging and the customs of late middle age would manifest itself in different ways. The meaning of the symbol can be extended to any desire an individual woman would have to claim her right to experiences of youth which may have been denied to her, especially when according to the fashion of the day such experiences are considered highly valuable.

This third stage symbol implies a reorientation of one’s ideal of action in relation to the collective mentality of the social environment; more particularly, a refusal by the individualized consciousness to be bound by biological or social standards. The Keyword: INDEPENDENCE





~ Druyan

January Lunations

Lunations 2016

Pyrolusite: Healing, Protection, Transformation




Animals have always been significant in my life. I think I’ve always liked them more than I like humans. I have always longed to be a part of their world; intrigued by the mystery of communication without language, a desire for the unconditional, yet savage, love and protection that an animal family provides its members. The ability to live without regard for the scrutiny of society…to be unhinged and driven by instinct, without a care in the world…

I was meditating in the river, letting it cleanse me and calling upon the elements and the spirits of the universe to be with me -when I felt an impression of my wolf spirit…. I see her eyes all the time when I close mine. Angular flared eyes, that change from a pulsing yellow to a black nothingness…But this time was different, I felt her near me. I felt her warm, intense, power. So primal it was almost unrecognizable. I begged my third eye for a glimpse of her beautiful coat….So near I could have reached out to touch her, but no image came. I pushed my consciousness through my third eye, stretching my vision, piecing together the soft blues and blacks and grey fog from my inner sight….

I knew the wolf was with me, and I was so grateful for her presence. I felt powerful, I felt dominant. I scanned the river bank in either direction -my eyes piercing and steady like the Matriarch of the Forest. I turned around, facing downstream, and saw a doe rising up on her haunches to pluck ripe green leaves from a low hanging branch. She didn’t see me, as I stood in my wolf mask, and was quickly onto the riverbank where she vanished into the thicket. After a breathless moment, I was keenly aware of the energy of my own dogs. Arya was exploring the landscape, and Ranger was swimming in the river. I observed them for a moment. They are such great examples of primal instinct and emotion -such intense desire for a wild life. They heedlessly submerge themselves in “nature”, never separating from it except when they are locked inside our human homes. So completely one with their surroundings. They take full advantage of all of their senses. Constantly one with the moment……

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By Jade Wolfwriter





Additional reading on the astrology & symbology of this moon:




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