Conspiracy Theories VS Divine Truth


Just a mention in this post about conspiracy theories…
They are “theories” not Truths so go careful when adopting, as gospel, what they say.
The darkness masquerades very well as the Light and will often give you 20% truth to hook you and 80% bollocks to fox you! These theories are not all negative, some theories say lovely things will happen on Earth, but theories they still are.

And if you don’t believe there is such a thing as Truth, then you can believe any daft bugger who claims anything to be true! Plato, Confucius, St. Paul, Freud….were all sexist and their philosophy was of their own time in history. They did not necessarily know what they were talking about but their teachings have become the foundation of modern philosophy.

New Matrix energy allows Divine Truths to be revealed more than ever but if you are tuned to the old radio stations they will continue to promise you utopia or tell you about reptiles controlling the world!

Lets keep our feet firmly on the ground as we raise our consciousness upwards, otherwise we will get lost walking down the many false paths that say they lead home!

Many followers is not a sign of truth! Hitler had millions of followers! Flamboyant rhetoric can cloud many a lie!

Fame can be based on money and contacts not necessarily on truth. One has to follow the path home into the Light in the end, believe what you will in this lifetime but re-incarnation awaits those who walked through the false door!

The old saying “worshipping false Idols” does not necessarily mean non-christian ones (as many of those are false too) but it warns that deities who are portals home can be false but seem true. It’s easy to follow a false prophet and a crowd when they promise you what you seek. It’s often harder to hear the truth when the truth is not what you wanted to hear!


❤ KT King
kt king


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