Helping Hand ~ Sisters of the Rose


Helping hand…..Sisters of the Rose…..
An elemental vibration of compassion and healing on soul and physical level.
Combo white light with red light and its a grounded melange of pure comfort!
Whilst you are in human form, carry this vibration that holds the divine in a physical vessel!
The Holy Grail = upper and lower chakras in unison holding the divine compassion in water/blood, Earth/bone, air/breath and fire/chi, Sun and Moon, yin and yang, male and female become unified as ONE with this energy!
BE it, channel it and share it!

The Rosary becomes the cycle inside your body, a perpetual ring of self generating light!
Weaving this energy into all your bodies and minds everyday will ensure you safe passage in the after life and comfort whilst in this one!

Rose essence, Rose Quartz, Rose Flower Remedy…..the thorns make it manifest so don’t fear them!

Rose AnnA and Marie AnnA combine spirit and matter and humans together!
See the prayer book KT King 21stCenturyPrayers for Rose based prayer!
Available on Amazon now!!!



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