Going Retro

By Jade Wolfwriter


Mercury retrograde starts again. And here I am feeling quite content in my cave. I hardly even noticed the retro roll in, I have been barricaded against the outside for too long.

My shields up, she almost hit me unawares. But now I can feel her effects creeping into conversations and turning ideas into pipe dreams as she clogs our pathways.

Exploding planetFor 20 days Mercury shall appear to travel in reverse. Spinning against her own orbit, defying the laws of physics and churning up life as we know it. Of course this is all an illusion, but the relationship between Merc Retro and Humanity is all too real.

Mercury rules communication, travel, journeys, and the way you relate to others. It effects our technology, planning and organization.

Mercury carries strong energies. It is the closest planet to the sun and is extremely charged up. Its influence is felt heavily…

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