Mars In Scorpio

GREAT article on Mars in Scorpio, and what it means for you through the houses… thank you! ❤

Weise Owl

Start your engines, we’re in for a long ride. You can think of Mars as the engine of your chart, and he just plunged into Scorpio and will be mostly hanging out there until autumn of 2016. Let’s take a look through the houses, shall we?

Find the house in your chart that is ruled by Scorpio. Keywords for Scorpio are: Transformation, sexuality, the occult, depth. Got it? See Scorps is all about penetrating the underworld and spiritual renewal, there is nothing surface about this energy. Now, add  Mars ignition fire and this is your sector that will be heating up. Really fantastic, sexy energy for 2016!

First House: You’re the Al Pacino of the zodiac, intense and not to be trifled with. Amazing stamina and mental energy, there is a laser beam quality to your persona right now. Use it wisely, remember high-low Mars energy: Yes, you see through…

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