21st Century Prayers KT King

How to use the prayers to best effect and thank you for downloading them

21st Century Prayers


“These beautiful prayers were channelled through me, KT King, in 2015 and were tried and tested by qualified healers and friends who felt so much benefit from using these prayers that they decided to come together to help me create a Book for you to download and keep. You can download a free PDF from this site or go to Amazon for my e-book/kindle.

Prayers are often only associated with religions but now that the ‘new matrix’ is in place, I was able to transform the corrupted energies of ancient prayers and purify them, re-calibrating the energy keys embedded within the magic words, so that each beautiful prayer holds ‘universal master keys’ within its lines.  All keys contain pure ‘essence’ energy combining the best of the past with the best of the future. ”

KT King


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