Winter Solstice Reading & Links


Winter Goddess by Emily Balivet


I cannot believe it’s the Winter Solstice already! This year has absolutely flown by!!!


The message for us from Cosmic Tarot is….



Ten of Cups

Cosmic Tarot:
“A woman with a blue scarf is sitting at the shore of a lake.” (deck booklet)

The traditional reading of this card is one of joyous celebration and togetherness… which this time of year does bring us. However, in the Cosmic Tarot this card brings a sense of reflection and renewal. The Solstices are perfect midpoints for us to stop, gauge where we’ve come from and where we’re going. There is also a very present feeling to this card… how do we integrate all experiences into the only moment we ever really have?  Water in Tarot represents intuition, so we really want to tune into our intuitions and absorb the messages our Higher Self has for us at this time. With this card, I encourage you to take some time and meditate today, even it’s just 5 minutes of mindfulness, you owe yourself a moment of peace among the holiday chaos!

Some great Solstice links to check out:

By Jane ~ Planning a Solstice dinner

Mystic Mamma – Solstice Gateway ~ Winter Solstice



*Have a safe and blessed Solstice!*


❤ Druyan


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