One of my biggest loves in life is Astrology. It has been an invaluable tool of self discovery, and has put many confusing parts of my life into much clearer perspective.

I recently was made aware of this wonderful horoscope site, (Thanks to the lovely NY astrologer Annabel Gat, star-reader over at, who also has amazing ‘scopes! She will have a feature here on SMG very soon along with an Elemental Interview, so stay tuned!)

The horoscopes for me, a Pisces, (specifically regarding a situation I was dealing with in the first and second weeks of December) were so accurate, I almost spit out my coffee and fell off my chair! I asked Barry if I may feature his horoscopes on SMG.  Since I was so impressed by both his accuracy and style, I wanted to share his “horoscopes that keep it real”… thank my lucky stars, he said yes!

Personal, 12-sign horoscopes for the week of:

December 14-20, 2015

And an awesome article on:

2016: An Astrological Overview

And, of course, a little more about San Fran’s Barry Perlman, the man behind

barryAstrology drew me for the same reason it draws many. I like learning about myself.

When I first dipped into my study of astrology about 10 years ago, I marveled at how accurately what I read in the introductory books described me. Then I moved on to looking at the charts of friends, only to discover my knack for sharing accurate interpretations with them. I kept following my curiosity, until my hobby eventually turned into a profession… and the rest is history still in the making….

Read full bio here:

 Happy ‘scoping!!!
❤ Druyan

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