KT King: Time To Let Go!


Time to let go!!!

This is the end of the 4 year karmic amnesty so this month really resolve and deal with those karmic ties, knots and unresolved issues!
When the big Earth portals are open it basically means all the astrological time portals are open all at once, this means you can clear karma anywhere on your birth chart/life without having to wait for personal planetary placements to occur! This won’t happen again for 2,000 years!
So you’ve had 4 years don’t give up now....let go…let go….let go!!!

Helping hand…

Willingness Block Removal Prayer:

Great Goddess of Compassion, I beseech thee, to intercede, where darkness bars my way.
May all obstacles to my enlightenment be pacified and all matrix fears and karmic bonds be released.
Let all built up negative thoughtforms, hooks, attachments and other people’s fear be cleared away from all my bodies and minds by your presence.
Dissolve for me, with your love, all willingness blocks to material support and material health.
May both halves of my mind be unified in harmony and peace.
And for the sake of all living beings let my energy be raised out of the darkness and into the light.

KT King 21st Century Prayers

Say 6 times out loud to activate and each day for next few weeks to help release those deep karmic bonds no longer needed!

❤ KT King
kt king
KT’s YouTube Channel


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