~New Moon: Release~


 By: Druyan

So, I always thought I was a Full Moon kind of gal; she seems to get the most attention and her power is undeniable. However, over the past year, I have found that I prefer the energy of the New Moon at this time in my life, and I’ll tell you why…

Our culture seems to be obsessed with wanting MORE. I have fallen prey to this, even in my spiritual practice: What can the Universe bring me? What am I missing out on? How can I feel more fulfilled? These are totally reasonable questions, and it’s so easy to fall into the MORE mindset. What we can sometimes lose track of, is that we may not presently have room for all of this MORE we so desire. Here is where the New Moon comes in. She has the ability to reveal to us what we need to let go of. What we need to release. What is no longer ours.

Right now, I know I still have a lot of “spiritual baggage” – so why am I still tying to cram MORE in? It’s time to honor the need for spiritual space. To create room to breathe. To consciously pause and give ourselves the gift of letting go. There will be a time to bring in more of what we need, but until we have fully released what we don’t, we won’t ever be satisfied.

I encourage you, on this final New Moon of the year, to ask your Higher Self: What do I need to let go of? If you are very brave, I challenge you to try going a whole waxing moon cycle (gasp!) without asking for anything and see what kind of magick happens! I know that there is a lot of information out there about Full Moon releasing, but I’m curious to see what happens when I release on a Dark Moon, without asking for anything to fill that space… What occurs when I surrender to the will of the Universe/Source/God/dess?

Interestingly, the article written by Astrology King on this New Moon is titled Leap of Faith! Check out the astrology of this moon here:


In lieu of asking for more this cycle, I will be using this moon’s energy to clear and then re-program some of my crystals to be used for healing purposes!

Ritual idea here:
(Thank you Jane for the great find!)





❤ Druyan


If you feel called to manifest after you release this New Moon…..
By: Jade

“Shoot for the Moon, because even if you miss -you’ll land amongst the stars”

This has long been a favorite quote of mine, and I feel it captures the message of the Sagittarius New Moon perfectly…..

Sagittarius is the adventurous sign, both practical and a little eccentric – Sag is known for turning goals into reality. The archer, shooting her bow full of optimism and enthusiasm into all areas of our lives -she doesn’t let anything bring down her vibe or her motivation.

This is a very auspicious sign for the New Moon, as we welcome new beginnings and start new chapters of our lives.

The Sun is also in Sagittarius! In astrology, the Sun represents the central core of a person -their general vitality and assertiveness. Whereas the Moon in astrology represents the shadowy, emotional sides of ourselves. It plays a part in our rhythms (think “tides”),  our ability to ebb and flow and how we respond to the dynamics of life….

With the sun and the  moon both in Sagittarius, we should feel especially enthusiastic about our goals -not just practical goals- but anything we are trying to manifest into our lives. Perhaps you have felt recently rejuvenated about a project or idea. Maybe you finally cleaned that room in the house, maybe you found time for creative artistic expression, maybe you got that new job! Whatever the case, it is likely you are feeling good about your accomplishments, and motivated to achieve more. Now’s the time for Manifestation!!

Read full article which includes great ritual ideas HERE.


❤ Jade Wolfwriter


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