Your True Work, Play, Rest, Study

by Jane

North and South Nodes

True Work / Life Task: your North Node house 

By exploring your North Node house, you will find the arena of your life’s true work and task, as the NN is about the karmic task of this life, and it’s house is where you manifest it.

True Play: North Node Sign 

Your North Node sign, shows you something about how you play with the new purpose in this lifetime.  You will have to do some exploring of the correlation here as well.


Jupiter signs

True Rest: Jupiter Sign 

Your Jupiter sign, is not only lucky, but also shows you how you truly experience rest.

moon signs

True Study: Moon Sign and House

Your Moon’s sign and house placement together, will show you what you really want to learn about or study.


my chart


My Example

“True Work / Life Task: Learning how to do sacred service; learning to become a healer. This comes from your North Node in the 6th House.

True Play: Playing with communication, sharing ideas, speaking, reading, writing, exploring the world with curiosity, perhaps with a spicy irony and humor. This comes from your North Node in Gemini.

True Rest: Resting at home surrounded by good food and comfortable furniture; also, resting by a quiet lake, river, creek or waterfall. This comes from your Jupiter in Cancer.

True Study: The study of philosophy, higher consciousness, meaning, archetypes, religious beliefs and the mind. Part of your True Study involves personal research on how religious and mundane beliefs get formed by personal experiences and unconscious drives. This True Study comes from your Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th House.”

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