It’s Ok…


Just want to say…
It’s ok not to be perfect!
It’s ok to struggle during ascension shifts!
It’s ok if you do not have a perfect body, health or life!
It’s ok if you don’t have much money!
No Lamas have any money of their own… famous lama had a heart condition his whole life….lamas don’t have perfect hair, teeth and figures……The Dalai Lama admits to feeling angry sometimes!
If you hold your spiritual enlightenment up to the ‘perfect light’ you may see how many imperfections it holds!
Being Ascended cannot be measured in human terms!
It is about your Soul, not your body, wealth or earthly success!
Some new age and protestant thinking would have us believe that perfection is a sign of gods favour and grace.
But remember ‘ordinary appearances’ can be deceiving!
A seemingly perfect human can be spiritually trapped in the wheel of karma. An imperfect human can be liberated.
Our human bodies are temporary vessels, our souls are temporary libraries of experience. Our essence is beyond all of this ‘imperfection’
Take a deep breath today and forgive yourself all imperfections…..if your heart is pure, that is all that counts!


Self Forgiveness Prayer with Avaloketishvara & Mother Mary

Great Goddess of Compassion and most Joyful Buddha.
You who love all beings without exception.
Teach me your inner wisdom and inner truth…
that I and all Beings are worthy of Love.
With your guidance, I shall accept the Universal Love
of the Holy Spirit into my Heart
And from that deep place of wisdom and sacred knowledge,
I shall open my Heart and my Life to Love.
This Love, is your Love –
Unconditional and Eternal.
I let it flow through me, like a river of everlasting Light.
Forgiving myself with every drop, forgiving others with each blissful wave.
I Accept your Love and your Blessings without reservation.
I Am Love.


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