Vale of Shadows ~ 11/01/15


Today we welcome the energy of the Quan Yin Oracle card Vale of Shadows



A lotus blossoms with deep rich mud into which she plunges her roots and draws great nourishment. From this mud, made of water and earth, growth happens and great beauty is revealed. Your Soul thrives through depth of emotion and aliveness of your body into which she can plant her Self and unfold as a lotus of light.

Your Soul is blossoming. Just like a plant that outgrows the pot in which it has been planted and requires more soil to spread its roots and continue growing, your Soul lotus needs some more mud – some more water and earth energy – so that it can grow and shine.

In the spiritual worlds, all things serve. Everything. Including our darker emotions and parts of our body that we may not think are acceptable. They are actually good nourishment for our Soul. The Soul craves love … be in love with all parts of you! Like a passionate divine lover, it wants to hold nothing back and become completely spiritually intimate with all aspects and and all parts of you whether you have thought they were lovable or not.

This can be challenging because it can feel extremely uncomfortable to visit and consciously engage with those aspects of our personality and our bodies that we have yet to really love and accept. Yet this is what you are guided to embrace now.

This process might be started by taking a class or engaging in a physical practice that honors the shadow part of you. If you have considered yourself an introverted person, it might be to begin to honor the counter side of  this, the part that needs community and people in order to thrive. If you consider your self a quiet person, you might need to explore how you can find joy through sound, music and energy, for example. If you consider yourself a passionate person, you could benefit from finding the part of you that is peaceful and content in the moment with things exactly as they are right now.

This inner play isn’t about saying that who you are now is not enough, it is about acknowledging that you are that thing you believe you are not – and finding a way to live with it with consciousness and love. It is about delving into the parts of you that have been hidden in the vale of shadows, and are now becoming ready to be revealed and lived as a part of the beautiful and whole being that you are in truth.

In particular this oracle asks you to look at where you can nourish your emotional and physical life with more focus- perhaps through art, creativity, journaling your dreams, creating collages, or engaging in dance or other forms of movement. Your spirit needs to thrive at this time.

Source: Deck Booklet

~Creativity Crystal Prescription~


Meditation for Cultivation of Creative Energy:

Blessings ❤ ~ Druyan



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