The Lunar Fae ~ 2.0!

One of the first features I posted after starting this blog was The Lunar Fae on etsy:

LunarFae Collage

Well, I want to bring this shop to your attention again because Evangeline just did a HUGE update in her shop…. also The Lunar Fae just celebrated its first year in business! Congratulations!!! ❤

Now, onto the goods….

She now carries handmade Runes!
They come in a gorgeous vintage fabric medicine bag with crystal charms.


Lilac Runes

There is also an amazing assortment of lovely hand wrapped jewelry…

Jewelry Collage

Wire Wrapped Crystals

…as well as new crystal grid sets, sacred space kits, animal totems, exquisite crystal points, and more!!! I recently purchased a Tibetan Quartz point from The Lunar Fae and have barely been able to  put it down (it’s in my lap now as I type).

Crystals and Kits

And she also includes an extra special something with each order…


I recently became aware of a movement of people that are against the procurement of precious and semi-precious gems. Not for reasons of work ethics or mining pollution, but because they believe that the earth desperately needs her crystals to maintain her balance and heal herself from man made destruction and pollution.

I don’t know about you, but I could kind of see where they are coming from. I mean – crystals are just like most of the natural resources we take from the earth. Eventually, there simply won’t BE any more crystals to mine. That most likely won’t happen in my time, but the possibility that the day could come is very likely at the rate we consume all natural resources these days.

These thoughts struck a cord with me. I could never give up collecting or wire wrapping these precious gems that have helped me and others so much… but I do believe that WE are meant to spread these gems to all corners of the earth. Even if that means they simply join our life, our collections, or are put to use for the greater good of all. Obviously not everyone believes in the power of crystals but we don’t need everyone. We only need some!

This is why I decided to launch The Earth Gifting Project.

Clear quartz is a very special crystal. It not only raises frequency to the highest possible level, but it is also programmable. It can retain and store boundless amounts of information and intention. Quartz crystal is the basis of and is used for running the largest computer in existence for this reason. The power of the clear quartz crystal can be quite remarkable.

There is now evidence that programmed quartz can eliminate toxins and radiation from water. Because water is crystalline in structure, it transmutes and kind of copies the programmed structure of the quartz. When a crystal programmed with intentions of love and healing is placed into a body of water, one can assume that this molecular structure would ripple out and manipulate those around it very rapidly just like the and promoting the same type of healing and toxin eliminating effects.

It is an undeniable fact that we are damaging and polluting the earth and her ecosystems. THIS is such a simple gesture, an easy but grand opportunity to give back for all that we have collectively taken as our own.

Maybe it’s a stretch to believe that we can have an impact but nonetheless – I encourage ALL to join us! If you want to learn more about the project, please visit my blog:

whitelight OG Evangeline

Please take a look at all of the new offerings over at The Lunar Fae.

I’m sure you will find something that calls to you, I sure did!


druyan1❤ Druyan


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