Full Hunter’s Moon ~ Oct. 27, 2015


Full Moon in Taurus

I cannot believe it’s already Full Moon time again! This month’s Moon is in the sign of Taurus, and this one is extra special to me, having a natal Taurus Moon! ❤

You are likely to find that you relate easily to the physical plane, and find much comfort in what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Taurus is also a Fixed sign, implying constancy, patience and perseverance…

In essence, it is usually quite fortunate to be born when the Moon is in this sign. Here, the lunar energies are particularly strong, owing to the special connection between the Moon and Taurus. Astrologers describe the Moon as “exalted” in Taurus, which means the lunar qualities of fecundity, nurturing, sustenance and fertility are most easily expressed. If you are born with the Moon here, you have a greater opportunity to be in touch with your fundamental needs, together with the practicality to know how to achieve them. Often, those born when the Moon is in Taurus have a strong capacity to enjoy the pleasures of life, coupled with an uncanny ability to somehow attract them.



Taurus loves luxury… this is a time to indulge your senses! Really BE in your physical body! This is a great time to incorporate the use of essential oils into your routine… Whether using a diffuser for aromatherapy or making a sensuous body oil, some of the best essential oils for Taurus are:

  • eucalyptus– A stimulant, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirit. Great for relaxing tired shoulders and neck, the body area of Taurus.
  • palmarosa –  Calming and uplifting. It clears the mind to help with decision-making and helps to develop wisdom. Subtle, cooling, and delicate.
  • ylang ylang – Used in blends intended to focus upon happiness, gratitude and celebrating blessings. Ylang Ylang is also considered an aphrodisiac.
  • rose – With the key to Rose’s psychological properties being its effect on the center of emotional being, Rose calms and supports the heart, helping to nourish ‘heart-yin’ and restore a sense of well-being.
  • vanilla – It’s fragrance is one of universal appeal as is its influence on the emotions – it invites sensuality, relaxes inhibitions, and dissolves anger and frustration.
  • patchouli – Emotionally, Patchouli Essential Oil is calming and grounding. Spiritually, it has been used alone or in blends during prayer and meditation.


*Be very careful with essential oils, always use a pure carrier oil to dilute oils, keep away from eyes and mucous membranes, also keep away from small children and animals. Recommendations for topical use only. Use extreme caution during pregnancy and nursing.

Crystals for Taurus:

Diamond, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Garnet, Tiger Eye Quartz,
Emerald, Rose Quartz, Red Coral and Turquoise.

Incorporate whatever feels like a Taurean energy in your sacred moon-time.  Here is a great ritual idea via Mooncircles:

And as always, a fantastic write-up on this full moon via Mystic Mamma:

I wanted to pull a card for us to reveal the energy this full moon will bring, and I drew The Hooded Man….

hooded man

HoodThe time of the Hooded Man is here. Whether he appears in the guise of an inner guide and mentor or simply as a state of mind, you will understand that now is a time to withdraw and rest. After a long journey through the Wildwood, many emotions and experiences need to be absorbed. This is the beginning of understanding – not just of yourself. but of the Universe. The hermit-like Hooded Man appears differently for everyone. Whether through meditation or solitude in the mountains, through prayer or holidaying in a secluded place, his light will illuminate the way to the heart of the endless cycle of being.

Source: Deck Book


There is also a very “going it alone” vibe to this card…. sometimes we have to forge ahead in solitude, or maybe we choose a surprising path, or maybe we meet a guide along our path that takes us to a fork in the road… this is a time of being connected to your Higher Self to help light the way as you forge ahead into new territory.

It’s very likely that at this time a person will come into your life who is like a mentor or teacher even if they don’t “teach” you directly. You will still learn from them on several levels. Honor the need that you may be having to withdraw to a degree from ordinary life – It won’t last forever. You will soon be feeling much more social, so don’t push yourself now to be around a lot of people unless it is absolutely necessary. You will likely emerge from this month feeling refreshed and renewed, particularly on a spiritual level.


As you take this time to go within and meditate on the messages of this Taurus Moon, keep in mind that to truly progress, we must first emerge as our True Selves, and the only way to meet that person is to slow down and go inside. Once we find out what our hearts beat for, we can emerge and embody the beacon of the Hooded Man.





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